24 September 2010

5 in 5

I swear I've had 5 posts saved as drafts, but I've been feeling uninspired therefore they have remained incomplete. 

I could blame the insane heat we have had in Japan (I like to blame the heat for everything!) 
But whatever the reason, my writing has suffered. 

We have also had a very busy few months. Sponsoring a new family, starting the new school year, doubling up on my own courses, preparing an international trip for my students, and making arrangements for OUR part of the trip to NY. 

Since finding out our next assignment, I've felt stuck. Stuck between two worlds. My present life in Japan with my job, teaching, and friends. And what my future (very near future) life will be in the UK and getting prepared for it. 

Justin is off to Seattle soon for a little training and I'll stay here in Japan. 
& since I've been feeling a little uninspired, I thought I would take an hour or two everyday that he is gone to explore places I've never been to. I am a huge fan of wandering around until I find something. Justin is not. So what better way to do so than when I'm on my own!? 

Hang in there with me as I get the hang of writing again. I'm struggling to find things to talk about. My life has been rather uninteresting... I guess I need to do a little soul searching.... 

Oh and did I mention that the cool weather arrived today?! Yes! 
It's fabulous. Which makes me more inclined to venture outside! 

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  1. It sounds like you guys are just like us - I love exploring, and my husband would rather not :) Enjoy your adventures!!

  2. I cant wait to see what you do while the hubby is away!

  3. Fight the funk! Hang in there and enjoy every minute you have left in Japan. You will miss it all when you leave. I do now, terribly!

    Kind regards