30 October 2009

It's a pumpkin carving collage!

This was our first year carving pumpkins together. 
I know I haven't done this since I was a kid
Feel free to joke hate laugh take pity on our serious lack of carving skills. 
Note to self for next October 30th: 
Don't use Sharpies.
Use a template. 
Drink more alcohol.

But, it was ALOT of fun. We really enjoyed it. 
I even did the Susie-home-maker thing and roasted the seeds. 
Um YUCK! Nope, they don't taste like nuts (thanks so much for that ask.com
I'm not a huge fan. 

At least we know for next year. 

Trick or Treating? Spooky Haunted Base Housing? Devil Costume? Scary Movies? 
Check. Check. Check. & Check. 
So Happy, Happy Halloween-ing everyone!!! 


29 October 2009

Fun Fact Thursday!

I've began to notice that my Mom isn't the only one reading my blog anymore. I've gained some followers and I'm loving it! :) 
If I haven't Welcomed you yet.......... WELCOME!!!!
In light of these surprising additions, (Yes, I'm surprised that anyone would really want to hear  my ranting....) I am doing a Fun Fact Thursday blog. (its not alliteration.. but I didn't want to wait for Friday.)

Let's Begin: 

1. Most of my memories are tied to scent. (Specific Lotions, Hairsprays, Perfumes, Cleaning Supplies, Foods, Candles... the list can go on forever - they all bring me back to happy/sad/good/bad times - and most directly to the people I share the memories with). Crazy. 

2. I hate Winter. My mom once bought me a seasons ski pass, you have to go 12 times before you get your money's worth. It was during this season when I only went 3 times that I realized Winter and I could never be friends. 

3. I am not Political. I follow up on current events and I do watch the news. But I'm not affiliated with any party, mostly because on some issues I'm at one end and on other issues I'm at the other. Some people have called me politically ignorant - others have said that I should join a party. But what people should know: I'm very comfortable with where I'm at with my personal beliefs. Neither the democrats or the republicans give me what I'm looking for. Period.

4. I dance while I clean. I turn the music up and shake my booty as I wash dishes, do laundry, clean the bathroom, or vacuum - every single time.... its the only way I'll get the jobs done

5. Purses are an admitted weakness. I usually have love affairs with purses at the BX - visiting them every so often (sometimes hiding them) - until I have the money to buy them or the guts to whine to Justin about how he can't deny me love. 

6. I'm trying to lose weight. My ideal weight/size was 2 years ago when I got married.... that is where I want to be. 

7. I can easily pick up and move places. Thats why the military is a good fit for us. I'm not too attached to things or places. It is always hard to leave, but Justin and I have proved we can make things work wherever we go. Certainly there are places at the Top of our list and there are definitely some at the bottom - but overall, we decided that it doesn't matter where we go, because we would never have to do it alone. (Mushy, Mushy - I know, but it is true). 

8. A perfect day would include a nap. I love long naps - shades pulled down just slightly to give you a lying-under-the-trees kind of shade,  a light breeze coming into the bedroom, a freshly fluffed pillow and a cozy blanket. I know what I'm doing this afternoon

9. I love the NBA (Oh.... this might be a long season Sunshinemeg - this is her blog and I love it, but she is not a fan of the NBA - no worries, I'm still a faithful reader!) - this is the only sport the hubby and I can watch together. I'm not a fan of football - or really baseball for that matter. So NBA is common ground for us. Usually I'm a Chicago Bulls fan, but this year the Cavaliers have Shaq - so I might be rooting for them - since I'm more than a little bit in love with him

and Drum Roll please..................

10. I am part of a very large/close/tight knit/nosey/ invasive family that thrives on being in each other's business and giving unsolicited and sometimes unneeded advice. However, I could not imagine being a part of any other family. Even when I feel bombarded by the force known as The Aunts (My Mom and her 4 sisters) I never feel more loved. They encourage, support, and motivate. They open their houses to who ever needs it - which is proven by the fact that a majority of my family has temporarily lived or stayed with The Aunts. And they have the ability to send their love and concern over 10,000 miles - which makes me feel like I don't live in a foreign country. 

I hope you enjoyed those. I don't think this will be a weekly thing (considering.. there aren't that many fun facts about me...) but this was fun! 


28 October 2009

Dear Tuesday,

You really sucked today. 

I don't have anything interesting for you. 
My Tuesday was rotten & busy.  
Oh - I'm just exhausted. 
Just so freaking busy. 
I don't know where my energy went (if you find it, give it back to me!).
Did I mention I was tired?? 

I Remembered this quote: 
"Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it."
-Henry David Thoreau

Hope thats true.
Here's to a Happier and Significantly-Less Busy Wednesday! 

25 October 2009

Autumn Bliss.

Tomorrow is the Hubby's b-day I think he has had a great weekend so far - full of golf and Halo - what more could a man ask for!? 
We shared a de-lish dinner @ our friend's house and had a few drinks! We love you! Thank you
I made two ice-cream cakes - they left my kitchen slightly more stickier than when I started. 
Cake #1: Low fat Orange sorbet, non-fat graham crackers, non-fat cool whip, and fresh raspberries. 
Cake #2: Coffee and vanilla ice cream, oreos, cool whip and chocolate chips. 

[Freaking Excited for my delicious attempts at ice-cream cake!]
I decided to make a healthy (well healthier) version of the traditional high fat/high calorie one. It was my first time making them - so I was pretty impressed that everyone enjoyed them. Yeea-uh

In addition to all this b-day hooplah - I just loved that it was the first day it actually felt like fall. My friend, T, would say that it has been chilly and cold for a while now. But, since she is from Arizona - I'll cut her some slack... 
I broke out the fall decorations (and some halloween ones - I was a tad late with those) & a cute turtle neck sweater.

[A few squash I picked up at the commissary for some fall decor!]

Here is a list of some of my favorite things about fall: 

Yellow, Orange, Deep Red.
Crisp air. 
Crunchy leaves. 
Apples with caramel. 
Thick socks. 
Scarf weather. 
Pumpkin carving. 
Smell of Cinnamon. 
Hot Soup. 
Fall Sports. 
Flannel Sheets. 
Flannel PJ's. 
Rustling leaves. 

I'm definitely a lover of autumn. ahhh - sigh... this is when I'm at my best. This weather right here! And luckily - in Japan, fall is a long season. So I'll get this incredibly refreshing season until end of November! 

[It's me! And I'm way happy for this weather. Note the scarf!]
Well - I'm off to bed on the eve of the hubby's 24th B-day! 
Happy Birthday Baby! 
I love you from here to the end of the universe.


23 October 2009

Debbie Downer.

Ugh. I hate these days. I hate days when I'm such a grouch and I'm all "oh-woe-is-me."
It all started last night. I was tired exxxxx-hausted from a very productive day. And despite all my happiness about finishing just about everything I needed to... all I wanted was some slumber, some good and deep zzzzz's
I had to get up to substitute this morning and forgot to set the alarm. BUT luckily the hubby took care of that... because I'm married to a morning person that has an incredibly sensitive internal clock that just "knows when to get up."  Ugh. 
Oh AND: Just for the record - its annoying to non-morning people to talk about how well your internal clock works. Don't you think that if I could get mine to work, it would be in tick-tock shape by now?! (I hope you like my lame attempt at a joke)
So, I absolutely HATE being such a crank in the morning. The worst part is when the hubby is having a particularly bright-sunshine-ran-3-miles-already-caffienated-by-6-AM(!!!) morning & he wants to have a conversation with me. Me?? Where I'm I??? I'm still in bed, cuddled and cozy under the covers, trying to soak up every last ounce of sleep and darkness I'm allowed to have.
I'm trying to defend my right to sleep in until the very last moment, of course! You know you know that moment, the one that is just before the I-have-no-time-to-shower-I-am-so-gosh-darn-late one! So I snap at him. Probably some remark about how he just doesn't respect my sleep... and he whips out of the room grunting about how he wishes I was a more pleasant person in the morning. What he doesn't (but hopefully now does) know, is that I do to! I sooooo wish I could be that person. The one that has already done her workout for the day and has had the sufficient nutrients from her oh-so balanced breakfast. I just don't think its going to happen for me. I wasn't blessed with pleasantness before 9:00. 
I just love sleep. I love everything about it. I love going to bed tired. I love to snuggle into the most comfortable spot, take a deep breath, lay your head on the perfectly cooled pillow, and doze off. [Despite the night terrors my sleep has grown accustomed to (but thats a different story for a different day)]
I guess my point is... There are two types of people in the world. Morning people and Not-so-morning people. And although I will always try hard to be a morning person, I'm just as fine with it if it turns out that I am in fact not. So, if you are married to someone that has an opposite "morning personality" just cut them some slack. Indulge a couple morning conversations, if you happen to be married to Mr. or Mrs. sunshine. But if you are married to a Mr. or Mrs. Crank Pants (a.k.a. Kate) just be patient with them... give them a few minutes to come to terms with the fact that they have responsibilities and absolutely have to get up. For me, I'm grieving the passing of the night. It goes by too quickly and comes back too slowly. 

Thats it for now! I'm off to enjoy my sleep. The hubby has a 3-day weekend, courtesy of his hard work... and it is his b-day weekend! So I've got a couple surprises, but you will have to wait until after the 25th to hear those! (Baby.. you didn't think I was going to give them up that easy did you?)

21 October 2009

Jewish Stars & Guns

So today I went into substitute, for one of my favorite history teachers ever! 
I was so dang excited to actually work in her class, because she is just awesome (You might remember me raving about her here)! 

Anyway - her class room is set up into 6 groups, with 4 students in each group. And today they got their new seating assignments. We got started on a team building project, to help the students get to know their new group-mates and have a little fun. To start, each group had a worksheet with bingo-like boxes that prompted the students for favorite colors, where they were born, favorite dessert, favorite sport and so on... 

After each person got to talk about their likes, dislikes, and their life - they had to write their name on a piece of paper and have each group member draw something in the background. 
Things were going so well. I was impressed with how diligent they were and how nicely they were drawing on each others pictures.
As I'm walking around the classroom I'm making comments on their papers, "Oh Anne that is a great picture!", "John, You are doing a great job!", "Oliver, please don't draw any guns on Jill's paper."
So now....
I want you to picture Jake, he is a sweet looking boy, smart, and is extremely sarcastic (oh and very funny!). Just to give you an idea: Before he left the classroom today - he said, "Bye-Bye-BuuuhBye - Yo' Mama!!" And then laughed his butt off out the door (Strange? Yes! But he makes me laugh). 
Now I want you to picture Mary. She is this tiiiiiiny little girl, wears a headband with a bow just about every day, and has the sww-eetest voice ever! She is always helpful and likes to tattle on everyone
So this is what I hear: 
Jake: "I said I liked wrestling & you drew a Jewish Star!"
Mary: "Well I can't draw a wrestler."
Jake: "But you drew a Jewish Star, I'm not even Jewish!"
Mary: "Well, I didn't know.. You didn't tell me you weren't."
Jake: "But now I have a Jewish star on my paper!"

It took everything inside of me to not laugh out loud. Kids are just too funny! 
When I asked Mary why she drew a Jewish Star on his paper, she told me: 
"I dunno, I didn't know what else to draw!" 
So she thought that it would be nice of her to draw a Jewish Star on a non-Jewish boy's all-about-me paper. Hmm... 

It just about made me laugh - and I hope that it isn't one of those, you-had-to-be-there moments... because as soon as it happened, I went back to the desk and wrote down what they said, word for word  - so that I could share this moment with you. 

Then that class left, and a new (and waayy bigger) class arrived. And while they were doing the same project and I was walking around - I noticed that this one boy was drawing very interesting pictures. 
Drawing #1: This paper belonged to a girl who is 1/2 Japanese. So, underneath her drawing of a Japanese flag, he drew someone holding it up on a pole and another person holding a gun, and the word, 'bang'. 
Drawing #2: This girl liked ice cream. So the boy first drew the girl holding an ice cream cone. Then decided that he wasn't finished, so he drew another person stealing her wallet.
Then to top it all off, as I was using a sharpie to black-out the inappropriate parts of the picture, it looked like a big black gun on this little girls paper - and of course the little creep noticed and had to say it over and over and over... 

So now after a day that has been filled with little terds, a jewish star, and images of guns..
 I'm off to the gym - because I stepped on the scale and I am 3 lbs lighter than I was last week - and  I'm incredibly motivated to keep going! :) 

19 October 2009

Just Me & Mom

Hi! Hello! I'm Sorry! I Know! It has been too long
Mom came to Japan!
 [She came, she saw, she conquered, she left!] 

It was whirlwind. Just about everything I've seen in the past 2 years, I tried to squeeze in to 10 days. We saw temples, shrines, rivers, mountains, festivals, traditions, parks, imperial palace and crowds (lots and lots of crowds).

She can say 'Hello', 'Thank -you', 'yes', and 'one' in Japanese. 
She ate raw fish and mushrooms for the first time
 She got [naked] in a hot spring with me and my students. 
She met my wonderful Japanese Family. 
She bought some lots of dishes & pottery. 
She experienced a traditional Japanese Tea ceremony
She cringed when I was driving down the tiny streets. 
She looked gorgeous for her 25th wedding anniversary. 
She knew that Dad was with her in spirit
She is now an expert a master in the art of chop sticks. 
She and I both shed tears when she had to leave. 

I was so sad to put her on the bus to the airport today. So, here are a few pictures that made me smile. We made so many memories
I'll be posting again this week with some fabulous stories of our vacation together. 

09 October 2009

I'm Presenting...


Sunshinemeg has given a very sweet award to my blog (did I mention it is my very first?!) 
About her blog: 
I always get excited to see that she has a new post, because I know I'll be laughing out loud! She is incredibly uplifting and has a great ability of turning my day around (so thank you!). I think many people agree, because she has quite the following over there! Be sure to go check her out if you haven't already! 
[So-In my best Elvis impression... Thank-you, Thank-you-very-much!
Here are the rules:

1. You Can Only Use One Word.

2. Pass this along to 6 of your favorite bloggers

Disclaimer: some are too hard with just one word.
The Fun Part:

1. Where is your cell phone? Purse. 
2. Your hair? Bed-head.
3. Your mother? A Saint. 
4. Your father? Guardian Angel.
5. Your favorite food? Sweets. 
6. Your dream last night? Pleasant.
7. Your favorite drink? Margarita. 
8. Your dream/goal? Graduate. 
9. What room are you in? Living/Eating/Study/Office room.
10. Your hobby? Photography/Crafts/Writing.
11. Your fear? Being Abducted.
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Educated. Abroad (again).
13. Where were you last night? Home.
14. Something that you aren't? Stupid/Sexy.
15. Muffins? Chocolate Chip. 
16. Wish list item? Live-in Cook. 
17. Where did you grow up? New York. (Central NY) 
18. Last thing you did? Kiss. (the husband before work)
19. What are you wearing? Yoga pants and a t-shirt.
20. Your TV? Basic Cable.
21. Your pets? Non-existent.
22. Friends? Saviours
23. Your life? Sometimes Messy. (hence the blog!)
24. Your mood? Anxious. (Mama's coming tomorrow!)
25. Missing someone? Everyday.
26. Vehicle? The pumpkin. (see a pic of it here.)
27. Something you're not wearing? Socks.
28. Your favorite store? Forever 21. 
29. Your favorite color? Blue-ish-Green-ish. 
30. When was the last time you laughed? Last night. (watching, The Proposal)
31. Last time you cried? It Hurt.
32. Your best friend? Justin. 
33. One place that I go to over and over? Chinese Restaurant. (they know what I want when I walk in)
34. One person who emails me regularly? My mom and T.
35. Favorite place to eat? Couch.

Learning As We Go.  Inspirational and Honest. Her blog is awesome! She is a great writer and I love to read about her adventures as a military spouse!
Crazy Shenanigans.  Relevant. Creative Writer. And Lately..Suspenseful.  I love that she picks Christmas Movies every week! I'm in the spirit already!
Sweetheart and A Soldier.  We are both in love with Airmen. Candid writer! I love, love, LOVE it!
Photographing The Days.  Great Perspective. Youthful. Refreshing. Surprises me with every post and every photograph. It has challenged me to see the world differently.
That's Sassy. I am a new follower and I'm already addicted. I'm looking forward to reading more! (Oh and I think we are from the same area in CNY.. She is a SU fan!)
A New York Girl. I am also a new follower here, but can't get enough. She is witty and feeds the stylish side of me. Love it! :)

[As a side note: I'm going to be m.i.a. for a couple days. I'm picking my Mom up from the Airport and we will be busy busy busy.. So I apologize ahead of time for neglecting the blog! Have a great weekend!]

07 October 2009

Q: What's a typhoon???

A: What we know as a hurricane..

Holy Super Typhoon! Well... at least that is what we are ready for. Who knows what it will happen.

The whole base has this nervous/frantic/excited energy about it. Half of it is because we are expecting heavy winds and rain and the other half because nothing exciting ever happens here. The base is shut down tomorrow in anticipation of a pretty bad storm. Everyone is urged to stay indoors to ride out the storm.

So, the stores were packed with people stocking up on canned soup, bulk batteries, bottled water, gas, propane, matches, candles, and first aid kits. Justin got our furniture on the balcony ready to beat the storm. We have back-ups for the back-ups on everything. Which might sound excessive... but...  

This is our very first typhoon! Just another thing to cross off the list of things to do before we die, survive a natural disaster! Woo Hoo! (Please sense the sarcasm). But I have to tell you, I just want to be able to say that I've been there and done that! [Living in NY - the worst things that happen are ice storms, blizzards, and frigid temperatures. (once we had  tornado) Which, I must admit, can be devastating and destructive.] But a typhoon? No.. I mean.. A super typhoon?? Now, that is something to talk about!

Amidst all this hype surrounding this weather, I am also getting ready for my Mom to come to Japan this weekend! My first (real) visitor. [The first one doesn't count for reasons that don't need to be explained here. Let's just say, we aren't speaking with this person anymore.] Anyway--I have a very busy schedule for us. We will essentially see a cross section of Japanese culture. Everything from the westernized, the historical, the artistic, the food, the people, the city life, the rural parts, the beautiful, and the not so beautiful. Just about everything you would want to see in a nation, I've jammed into 10 wonderful, but 10 busy days! I cannot describe how freaking excited I am for my Mom to come!! I want her to see where I have lived for almost 2 years! I want to show her all the things that I love about this place! I want her to just enjoy being here and fall in love with the people, just as I have! I am just ready to share this experience with the important people in my life, so I  love that my Mom can have this to share with me!  

In addition to preparing our schedule, I have also revamped the guest room with beautiful accessories that I picked up on clearance! I'll post a picture when it is guest-ready! I've also picked out some great outfits that I want to wear down in Tokyo. You know, to stay fashionable...

Also - I've started my new class. Which is has a ridiculous amount of reading and writing. Thus, while my mother and I are touring around Japan - I will also be turning in assignments and trying to stay on top of my academic schedule. Wish me luck!

Okay - So...

Tonight, on the eve of my first typhoon ever - I am relaxing with the hubby. I have the whole season of Criminal Minds ready to go! I have a couple bottles of wine, Oreos, lentil soup, and frozen pizza!
 [I know - it doesn't sound like it would go together, but the store was so crowded - I just grabbed what I saw and got home, put it all out on the counter and was like, What? Oh well.. we will make it work, we can make this eclectic blend of food fabulous.]

And - Even though I would love to brag about enduring a long, strong typhoon.
I really, honestly hope that it doesn't turn out as serious as they think.
But, just in case... we are ready!

Bring it on Typhoon Melor..bring..it..on!


04 October 2009

School Days.

  Hi-Ho! Hi-Ho! Its off to school I go.

That is the song my Mom used to sing before heading off to school. And it is all I can think about since my new school/classes/major start on Tuesday

I am starting with the Introduction to Human Services class @ University of Phoenix in the B.S. of Human Services/Management program! 

This is very-very-very (very-very-very!) exciting!! I hated taking my Psychology classes before. It had lost its luster for me. So, I've been searching for just the right major/career for me and I [think] I've found it! 

To get myself started on the right foot... I added two goals (Graduating and Getting A's) to my vision board (first photo)! This board is on the wall next to my side of the bed, that way I see it when I wake up every morning! 

The second photo, are the old, beat up notebook and file folder that got a facelift! :) Just thought it would be a cute way to start school! :) 

Wish me luck as my work load gets heavier, my books become more academic and less leisure, and my schedule gets significantly busier. 

02 October 2009

Define Ugly, Please.

Body Image Issues.
What woman doesn't have atleast one issue with her body? And most women will sit and pick themselves apart in the mirror, myself included, daily. What makes it okay for us to be so dang mean to ourselves???

We would never, ever tell a friend to do that! If a friend is down we don't have her go home look at herself and count the pimples on her face, the cellulite on her legs, or the stretch marks on her belly! So, why in the world to we allow ourselves to do that!?

The other night, my husband asked me why I have such low confidence in myself. I didn't have an answer. I had no idea. I proceeded to list all of things that I see wrong with myself. And it was a long list... He put his hands on either side of my face, got real close and said, "I don't see any of that stuff, you are crazy if you believe anyone else does either!"
My friend, T, she said it best:
If only we could see ourselves the way our loved ones see us.
That would be something!
But after much thought and consideration, I knew and realized one source of the problem; I grew up in the media-infested age. Where not only do celebrities grace us with their beauty, the media also picks apart their "ugly" moments. But, Gosh! Is it really ugly? It is really ugly to have a little cellulite on the back of your legs? Is it really that ugly to have a pimple on your face? Is it really so freaking ugly to have gray hair!?
So - I've started something: A test, an experiment, a breakthrough (w/e it is). It is an attempt to try and gain the confidence every woman should have!
[I'm sharing advice from my very wise and wonderful friend T, who puts up with my rantings about my body just about every time we talk.]

I'm sick of my flaws being the main focus of me. Because, lets be honest, they really aren't that bad and no one notices them- unless you are saying, "can you see the pimple on the side of my right cheek (and I mean the cheek on your face!)?!?"
Here is what I did:

I've covered every mirror that shows from my neck down. [so no full length mirrors, and definitely no three-way ones!]

I'm not buying any new clothes. I will wear what is comfortable and what I feel good in.

I'm sending myself love. Post its, index cards - whatever it takes to keep reminding myself how beautiful I am.

No more diets or scheduled crazy exercising that I end up quitting because I'm so unhappy. I will eat healthy balanced meals that are satisfying and if I want dessert, I'll eat it! Everything in moderation. I will find activities that I love. No more killing myself over a 5 mile run, because well - I'm just not a runner, at all.

No more stepping on the scale everyday. It is just devastating when I see that I gained 2 pounds, when probably its just because of the water I drink... ugh!

When I feel better about who I am , I am confident. When I'm unhappy with my flaws and I'm constantly trying to change or cover them up - well it just leads to this endless cycle of not being comfortable with who I am.

This is my challenge! I'm going to stick to this. I know that who I am inside is a beautiful & confident woman. I need to let that shine through! Is there anything you could be doing in your life to let your true beauty make an appearance?

Confidence = sexy. 
[Endless diets, awful exercising, cellulite lotion, anti-wrinkle cream, 6 different kinds of acne face wash, bikini waxing, laser spider vein treatment, anti-gray hair coloring and expensive trendy clothes to cover your flawed-ridden body = unnecessary. ]

Side Note: In this months issue of Glamour Magazine, plus-size model pose in the nude showing their beautiful curves and flaws. If they can embrace themselves for the whole world to see, I can learn to love mine in the comfort of my home! :) Baby steps..


01 October 2009

Happy Happy Hulu!!

I've just discovered this awesome website, Hulu, take a look at it here

Living overseas, the cable is outrageous and not in the budget for us - and the Armed Forces Network (AFN) tries very hard to bring us great TV. But the fact that most of the prime time shows are last season and we get NOTHING live, just eats away at my addiction of great TV. 

Among my favorites are: 
Grey's Anatomy: Who are in their new season complete with new issues and romances! Exciting! 
Gossip Girl: I LOVE all the fashion and I love to live vicariously through these rich, beautiful people living in NYC!!!
Glee: My newest discovery. LOVE it! I'm a broadway, show tune, musical lover. Include all of that into a show that also has humor and drama - Sweeet!
Modern Family: SO FUNNY! Love it! Just hilarious, I was laughing out loud last night- and that hasn't happened in a long time! 

So, if I want to see all these fabulous shows I usually buy them off itunes. 
But...at $2.00 a show... Yea, I don't think so - I needed to find an alternative. 
SO - a friend here on base, Leslie (I hope you read my blog!) uses this website, and posted it on facebook! Thank-You! 

First, it is completely FREE! 
Second, registration is quick and simple. (You do need to use an address in the states. I used my Mom's! Thanks Mom!)
Third, you get to see all the shows as they air in the states! 

So - to people here in Japan, or people in Germany, Italy, England, Kuwait, Iraq, Guam, Turkey, Qatar.. Even if you are in the states (and you are DVR & TiVO-less) Wherever you may be serving... You can still watch your shows! They have so many choices: Late night TV, SNL, Reality, News Clips, Cartoons.... Just thought I would share this little piece of heaven! 

[It is very possible that everyone already knows about hulu and that I'm just behind everyone in the internet department, but it still makes me HAPPY!] 

YAY for Fall TV!!!