28 April 2010

Mr. Sun, Where are you?

What the heck is up with this weather!?! It's spring and then it's winter again! It's raining and then it's sunny!
Make up your mind already! I'm about to go crazy (insert crazy person scream!)! And if the bottom of any more of my pants get wet, I'll scream (insert crazy person scream #2)! It's definitely putting a damper on my mood. This being May, I don't think I'm being unreasonable.

What's else is bother me???
All this rain is just going to come back in a couple months for the standard rainy season that plagues Japan for a few weeks.

All I want is enough sunshine and warm weather to wear some cute skirts and sandals.

If things don't straighten out soon I'm going after the people doing the rain dance.
My pink toenails are drowning!
(I'll not even mention the white-ness of my legs...hmmph!)

Mr. Sun please shine down on me! ASAP!

27 April 2010

Disgusting Jobs

I received an e-mail from an engineering blog that helps guide prospective students to the online degrees and programs. 

I know. 

Fun Fact: I'm not an engineer, nor am I in (or about to be in) an online engineering program. 

BUT: I thought the article she sent me was cool because it gives me the best excuse to talk about one of my favorite shows.....

Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe. 
I love Mike Rowe for his witty comments and his ability to poke fun at the job themselves, but maintain respect for the people doing the tasks. 
I also love how most of the workers Mike encounters are some of the happiest people doing some of the most fowl jobs. In a weird (slightly disgusting way) it makes me smile to know that people who work in some filthy "offices" have a sunny disposition. 

Anyway, this article talks about the 20 Most Disgusting Jobs That You Never, Ever Want.  

I'm going to highlight a couple of my favorites: 
Proctologist. A doctor, yes. A doctor of what exactly??

A doctor specializing in the rectum. Can you imagine non-stop anal exams?!?? 
Dirty job, indeed. 

Hotel Maid. Seems like an honest job and honest living. 
And VERY disgusting. Mike Rowe should go and follow a maid for a day. 
And always tip your maid! 
I wonder if this applies internationally or just in the states?

So if you get a chance, look at the article
and click on some of the links provided for each job. 
Have an extra second??? 
Check out What a Crappy Job

Its a website dedicated to posting disgusting jobs (with photos and videos! yay!) and making some funny remarks about them... 

don't judge...

I know your secretly laughing (or throwing up ) over this stuff.

26 April 2010

Good Bye Movies

I'm about 7 movies behind on Movie Critic Friday. 
No big secret. 
Too bad it took me this long to realize that I'm a terrible critic. 
I'm actually a chronic critic. 
I hated most of them. 
And the thought of even trying to write about movies that I felt were a BIG waste of my time - ugh. kill.me.NOW! 
(not really....please...)

SO: I'm nixing the Movie Reviews. 
BUT: I would say go watch these:

The Blind Side 
For the fact that its a true story & true stories are always good ones to watch. 

Sandra Bullock, 
You are an acting goddess.... 
For the sake of hollywood - please don't ever stop making them. 
A non-movie fan that will watch anything your in.... 
(including your train wreck of a film, All About Steve..)
p.s. what were you thinking on that one??

Inglorious Bastards
Which for people with a sensitive gag reflex should be re-titled to be...
Scalping Bastards.
Well. What can I say???
This was my intro to Quentin and lets just say I'm not running out to rent any of his other movies... 
Characters were interesting.. 
I mean Brad Pitt with that twang. Hillarious. 
It was entertaining. Did I think it was genius? 
But that could just be my inner-chronic-critic talking.

Yea. That's about it. 
I've been disappointed in myself about the Movie Critic Friday...
I had visions of calling it MCF and people just knowing what it was about...
ya. right! 

What WAS I thinking? 
I'm just not THAT into movies. 
Yea.... I watch them.. 
mainly because they are mindless distractions from a chaotic life. 
So I can cross that off of my bucket list: 

Have a tiny stint as a movie critic then fail, epically.
Live & Learn. 
Now I can go back to ignoring entire sections of a movie and day dream about decorating my future living room. (don't laugh. I do that! .....i'm serious!)
And now I don't feel bad about logging on to Facebook half-way through because I'm bored. 

So no more questions about MCF.
(Movie Critic Friday.... I knew it wouldn't catch on....)

 [Note: this is a double post. please read my little rant about stupid people on facebook and their insistence on complaining about how horrible life is on a daily basis. news flash, those people commenting on your status updates, about how much they care? They.don't. They really just like to make themselves feel better about giving you some sympathy. When really they are THANKING the sweet-lord-baby-Jesus that they don't have it as bad as you are describing it!]

The Bottom Line

This past week alone I've read more pitiful status updates and sad attempts at attention about how he/she just wants life to be good, fun, happy, and stable. 
Or how complicated their life is. 
oh whoa is me....
blah. blah!

Well WAKE-UP life is unpredictable, short, and down right messy at times. 

Life (noun): the course of existence or sum of experiences and actions that constitute a person's existence.

Therefore I have a few rules that I live by...

Think intelligently (not emotionally) about issues and decisions. 
Take chances. 
And don't put up with anything you don't deserve. 

Enough said. 

22 April 2010

Planting New Seeds!

Spring break is definitely Oh-ver!!
Just ask the bags under my eyes....

Needless to say, after my {heavenly} spring break...
I'm feeling a bit drained this week. 
No more waking up when my body feels like it. 
No more extra time to keep the laundry at bay. 
No more running errands in the middle of the day when everyone else is at work...

And WHY do I work?!?!

Oh yes... 
To feed my endless need for anything shiny, sparkly, and cute! 
A good thing came out of some sunshine this week:
Despite not having a green thumb...
I'm attempting a balcony "garden" 
(a.k.a. 3 pathetic potted plants)
for the 3rd season in a row. 

I have a good feeling about these plants.
They look hearty. (They need to be if they are on MY balcony). 
Especially since they are planted in the same pots they saw me pull out the brown, dead, lifeless plants that previously resided on the balcony..
seriously..please pity me 
pity my pitiful attempt at beautifying my concrete balcony!!
On a completely different note:

Did I mention that I'm helping to coach some girls soccer??
I am !!
and loving every minute of it! 

Let's bring it back to highschool..
not-so long ago, actually. 

I played for YEARS! 
Now flash forward to college...
[Let's hear it for New Yoooorrkk!]
At a small minuscule Catholic College, CMSV.
I played my first season of college soccer there...

(We even won our conference championship against Staten Island!)

Sadly - NYC didn't last long...
I transferred back to community college to be closer to family. 
[Which ended up in my favor since The Hubby and I met there]
[[AND I was able to spend the last 2 years of my fathers life with him.]]
{Everything happens for a reason}

Okay, back to soccer...
I can guarantee if I stayed at private school, I would have continued to play soccer for another 3 seasons and built my way up to a mildly successful stint as an athlete [relatively speaking, of course!].
So I'm back on the field, not as a player, but as Coach Kate. 
yea...they call me that. 
yes... I love it! 

And I'm slowly reminding my muscles what it feels like to be in "soccer" shape. 

Dear Muscles,
I'm going to take the opportunity to apologize, in advance, for the MAJOR pain you will undergo as I push through the drills to regain your memory on exactly HOW to run up and down the field, while dribbling a stupid ball....

p.s. Is muscle memory just a myth? If not, what can I do to boost your memory?

Forever In-debted, 
(Coach) Kate.  

Now I'm off to enjoy the weekend...
Which includes hosting a baby shower
(well baby "sprinkle" - its her 3rd!)
for a special someone. 

Could it be this cute preggo?

Happy Weekend-ing!!

17 April 2010


This post addresses the very bane of my existence...
Feeling Homesick. 

(okay.. that was a bit melodramatic...)

But feeling homesick and not being able to afford the money (or time) to go home is 
profoundly annoying!!!

It ebbs and flows. 
It comes and goes. 
But never the less, it's a rotten time for people around me. 

I'm miserable. 
Mostly because it is no longer Winter.
(I'm never homesick for Upstate NY during Winter..)
I am, convientently, homesick during Spring..
And it is one of my last two here.

Do you see this flower???
[how could I be longing to go back to muddy, rainy NY spring weather?]

*Not that it's been any nicer here...
it's April and I could see my breath today...*

Dear Universe, 
I no longer find it funny. 
Please take my nostalgia away.

p.s. Money should grow on trees.... 
(maybe submit that at the next faculty meeting with Mother Nature)

Someone who caught the homesick bug.

Happy Weekending!

15 April 2010

Please Read Me!

I didn't even know how to title the post. Seeing as it has been so long. 
So, just in case you weren't paying attention, I made a desperate attempt at provoking excitement about this lack-luster post....(te-he).

Hello, My name is Kate.
And I'm addicted to my Spring Break. 
[Reason numero uno for not blogging....]

I can't say that I've been having writer's block because... 
I haven't even tried... 

I know what it is....

I've had idea-block.
I don't even know where to start any of my (slightly pathetic) attempts at posting...

So here I am... begging for forgiveness from my loyal readers (yet again)
You don't hate me yet do you??? 

I'm fearing that you are staring at my picture and thinking...
Yeah, Kate - actually I do. 

I know ya'll are too kind....
and very forgiving. 
You deserve a million Thank-You(s)!! 
 [Photo taken by Kim]

So where have I been? Why haven't I been blogging? 
What happened to Blog #2?
Let's answer those (very good) questions in order. 

First, I've been here on base (on my spring break), very homesick. 
[Wanna know a secret? A very pathetic secret?]
I was wishing I was one of those rich,young, hot royals on VH1  
or at least friends with one of them.
  So I could borrow their private jets to fly home. 
I would even borrow one of their yachts and boat home...
Yea - I'm that desperate. haha. 
[I told you it was pathetic....]

[Picnic @ Showa Park, Tachikawa, Japan]

Second, I haven't been blogging. 
It's not such a big secret. 
I'm slightly stuck.
What is there to blog about? 
Do you even like to read about my little (very homesick) life in Japan? 
I'll be around more often. 

Third, Blog #2 has gotten away from me. 
I'm still personally on track with my weight-loss. 
I am utilizing many Japanese techniques to stay slim. 
And I'm taking a very direct American attitude. 
..particularly towards the excess that has accumulated 
around my middle section...
(and rear...). 
I just don't know how to spark motivation, when I can barely motivate myself. 
I'm working it all out!
I'm not giving up on it..
just trying to find some direction. 
I'll let you know here (on this blog) when I find that direction... 

Oh - And...Just in case you were wondering....
(I'm sure you were...)
I strategically placed photos in this post to keep your interest!
I will stoop to such a level!

 [My Japanese Teacher with the ladies!]

Did it work?

No? dang.

05 April 2010

Weekend Getaway.

I jumped at the opportunity to get away for a couple days. 
Not only getaway from city life...
but to get off base and lose myself in the scenery of the mountains 
(and in the company of great friends!). 

I hope everyone had a great weekend. 
Here are a few highlights from mine...

I will write about the festival as soon as possible. 
[As soon as I find the words to describe this event.]

What a great weekend!

Have a Happy Monday!