31 August 2009

How my iPod changed my life.

My Darling Husband exposed me to an iPod when we first starting dating and proceeded to buy me one for my birthday 3 years ago. He never explained the ramifications that come with having an iPod. I am constantly searching for songs that can serve as a soundtrack to my life. If I'm running, Fergie runs with me. If I'm showering, usually Greenday is lathering up with me. Am I grocery shopping today? Sugarland comes along. 

Well what I'm getting at is, along with the fascination of my life's soundtrack, I've also turned into a lyric lover. I love finding songs that artists have written that fit my current mood, stage, or chapter in life. So, in light of my new blog, I thought I would share what I am currently listening to on the beloved iPod. 

"Fix You" - Coldplay
"Halo" - Beyonce
"Hometown Glory" - ADELE
"You Belong With Me" - Taylor Swift
"Come a Little Closer" - Dierks Bentley 
"You and Me" - Dave Matthews Band
"Never Say Never" - The Fray
"If You're Wondering if I You To ( I Want You To)" - Weezer
"It Happens" - Sugarland

It is so refreshing to find a song that has all the words you have been struggling to find. 
It is also, comforting to know that someone "gets" that I-am-doing-everything-in-my-power-not-to-fall-apart feeling. 
And yes, it is encouraging to know that you are not alone. 

So when I find myself excited about good news, down on my luck, or frustrated with chores, AND all by myself - I turn to the MANY friends I have on my iPod. NO - it doesn't replace a hug, laugh, or shoulder to cry on, but in a pinch - it helps. 

This thing called the music industry isn't a billion dollar one for nothing... 



  1. LOL LOVE IT! I too am attached to my ipod. My hubby got me one for mother's day and I tell you best gift ever! That thing has saved me from a toddler throwing a massive tantrum (I have put Dora, Super Readers, & ofc Hannah Montana on my ipod for Kiana), got me through the looooong waits at the doctors office, filled my dancing moods, but also uplifted me through some rough moments. I totally recommend running to Green Day. It's perfect running music.

  2. Haha - there should be a blog about how iPods run our lives.

    I never, EVER leave home without it. Too, funny. I know MANY Mom's that have done the same thing. Their Kid Playlist saves them from long car rides, shots, and bed time nightmares.

    What would we do without them!?

  3. Heck yeah! LOL My ipod is ALWAYS on me. ALWAYS. I only wish I had the iphone. That would be totally awesome. I could have my music and movies, not to mention my cell and being able to facebook all in one little contraption. Sweetness!