31 August 2009


Fairly recently, I sat down with a friend and rehashed every dirty detail of my life. Which on other occasions resulted in a sob-fest and a gallon of ice cream. This time was different, I've reached a stage (in life? in mind?) that I can talk about how messy my life has been with a "no regrets" attitude. With a smile on my face I can honestly (and I really mean it this time) say "I'm Okay with how things are turning out for me." No, it is never perfect, or easy, or even fun sometimes, but it is mine. It is what I make it and want it to be. 

So, here I am. On a blog site, willing to bare the messy parts of my life. The embarassing, the frustrating, and the deep-down-hit-you-in-the-stomach-spit-in-your-face sadness that sometimes life throws in your path. 

I've always liked the idea of a diary or daily journal, but I've never followed through longer than a month. This seems much easier, though a little scarier. I like the fact that other people can read this and can maybe relate. Because when you get down to it, this isn't just my story. Everyone has some parts of their lives that was messy. Either the past was, the present is, or the future will be. So lets toast! (my morning coffee) To wishing-hoping-praying-longing for the load to be a little lighter, for the good-luck to stay a little longer, and that people will actually read this! 



  1. Welcome welcome! I think this blogging stuff will be great for you. I know when I started I NEVER expected to be as involved as I am. Now... it's pretty much one of the most important parts of my life. Not so pathetic I hope :)
    I'm so sorry to see that you lost your father 2 years ago. I cannot even begin to tell you I understand what that pain and sadness feels like, but I do hope that this can help you sort out some of those feelings!

  2. Hi Jessica! I've really enjoyed the feeling of getting all this stuff out of my head! It was getting toooo crowded in there. This is a fun new project for me!

    I've enjoyed reading your blog (the reason I became a follower). I don't think it is pathetic at all that this is important to you! :)

    Thanks for the support and I'll keep updating!


  3. N that's why I've been blogging for YEARS. LOL My blog is set to private since I post videos and photos of my kiddos on there, but you're more than welcome to read. Just lemme know if you want an invite. :) My life is nice and messy at times. LOL

  4. Yes, Jessie- invite me and I'll become a follower to make sure I get all the updates!

    It is nice to have a network of people, it can make you feel better when you have some people to comiserate with. :)