29 March 2010

The Itch

I'm going to expand on the subtopic from yesterday about my itch to take care of something.
I have gotten a lot of comments/emails/messages about it.

So let me clarify.
I'm not having the baby itch. I do not want to get pregnant and I am not ready to take care of a child.

I do however have the itch to expand our family to include
a pet.  

A dog, more precisely.
I've had dreams about my dog, the same way my mother did with our dogs...
Strange? maybe. 

We have to wait. Currently, we are living under a signed contract that forbid furballs. Despite the fact that people clearly have pets in this building we decided to wait until our next assignment. So we will wait. By next summer though we will have a puppy (atleast that is my hope!).

So - no worries (my dear family and bloggers) I am not preparing myself for an upcoming pregnancy.
I am, however, watching a lot of dog whisperer so I can be the best pack leader ever!


  1. I love the dog whisperer! Our pup definitely knows who his pack leader is! I, like you, had the itch to care for something too - a puppy is the perfect way to get rid of the itch! :) Any ideas what breed you want to get?

  2. I love my little doggie. He's a great snuggle buddy and friend.

  3. we want a dog as well!

  4. Awwww :] A doggie!! :] What would you want to get by the time that summer comes around!?? We want a dog too but I guess we'll just have to wait too! LOL! :]

  5. I love my puppy! He's the best thing I ever did for myself!

  6. What breed are you already thinking about getting?