15 March 2010


The time has come for my big surprise (which is actually a reveal)
I have started a year-long journey to get in shape.  
Wanna join me??
Well -You Can!! 

I started a new blog!
(A Bi-Cultural Quest to Get in Shape).

I wanted to do a giveaway @ my 100th post. 
I wanted to do a giveaway @ my 100th follower. 
They both came and went. 
In light of this new blog and new journey.. 
I'm doing a DOUBLE giveaway!!! 

Giveaway #1 is here. On this Blog. 
The prize?? 
Japanese Pottery!! 
(I've gotten my hands on a beautiful sake set)
How do you enter to win??

1. Leave me a post letting me know you are a reader (or loyal follower!) (entry #1). 
(Please leave an email address!)
2. Blog about my giveaway (#1 and #2) then leave a comment letting me know (entry #2). 

If you are a new reader (WELCOME!)
You can get in on the giveaway too!
Become a new follower and leave me a comment letting me know! (entry #3)

That is 3 chances to win!!! 

Don't forget Giveaway #2 is happening at the new blog!

I can't wait to see who wins! 

Giveaway opportunity ends on Thursday @ Midnight (EST).


  1. Yay! I'm excited!! I am a follower & loyal reader! (And my email address should come with this comment).

  2. And I have blogged about the giveaway!

  3. Ohhh...I just found your blog today (thanks to Me and My Soldier Man) and I'm so glad I did...I'm moving to Japan in October =) Can't wait to read more into your blog!

  4. I'm now a follower too =)

  5. I love the new blog! I need to be Fit & Fabulous too! And...I'm a loyal reader!

  6. wicked awesome! I'm already a follower!

  7. Katie - I'm old enough to be your fabulous aunt, but I'm in need of inspiration to become "fit and fabulous.....I am a follower!

  8. Yay! You totally know I'm a follower!