31 March 2010


There is a dollar or two in the Japanese sewer system.

Today while I was flushing...
a dollar (or two dollars?) fell out of my back pocket.


I stood there staring at the money...
in the toilet. 
awww Man! 

Thankfully, it wasn't a $20!!

Hows that for looking on the bright side??

This week is exercise week on base. 
What does that mean?
Grown men get to play war for a few days. 
Only its serious stuff. Super stressful for the airmen. 
[The Hubby and I have been on complete opposite schedules. He works from 5pm-5/6 am. Thank goodness he returns to days so we can resume our positions as the 5th and 6th judges on American Idol.]
I found a way to make chemical warfare gear fabulous:
Add a pretty scarf and waist-cinching belt! 
How about I submit this into the Air Force for new uniform considerations?? 
Is it Friday yet?? 


  1. I would pay good money to see one of the guys go to work wearing that scarf with their gear. GOOD MONEY!

  2. love the pic!!! lol I dressed up in my guy's AF gear a couple months ago...it is soo heavy lol!!

  3. That pictures is great!

  4. I think it is funny to see airmen in full battle rattle handing me my packages at the post office! I think that should be happening here sometime very soon. The random gate closures gets very annoying, especially if you have a bunch of cold stuff from the commissary and are trying to get home before naptime.

  5. That is a fabulous picture!! :)

  6. Oh Kate - the dollars in the Japanese sewer made me laugh! That you :] && You so totally rock out that war gear -- LOVE iT! :]

  7. Haha, I think they'd love that suggestion!