12 March 2010

Movie Critic Friday

Did you miss out on the start of these posts? 
No worries - check it out here.  
First Movie Critic Friday: Julie & Julia 
Last week:  District 9

This week: 

Lets get to the ratings... I give this movie 8 out of 10 balloons. 
(too predictable??)
How about 3 out of 4 creepy talking dog collars. 
 Overall: This movie was cute, cute, cute! 
I'm positive that most everyone has seen this movie, so I'll spare you a plot summary. 
But, this is definitely a movie worth having in your collection. 
I could watch it again!
(Maybe on a rainy day!)

The characters were really lovable
How could you not love Russell, the Wilderness Explorer! 
And the relationship between the little explorer and Fredrickson is really darling. 
(Who doesn't know someone like Fredrickson? I can think of a few old men in my hometown that are very set in their ways but you love them because of it!)
The first 15 minutes are sad. 
I mean tear-jerker sad. 
But the ending (and the rest of the movie) makes up for it. 

 To sum everything up this movie is:

Buy It. 


  1. Neat - we have not yet seen the movie! LOL :)

  2. I liked UP a lot! So cute!

  3. I still have not seen UP yet!!! Maybe I will see if its on OnDemand

    Have a fabulous weekend!!!


  4. I still haven't seen Up! Everyone I know that's seen it, absolutely loves it!