22 September 2009

Do you have the time? Nope.

 If you take the average of the 4 clocks in our house you will get (about) what time it is.

 I just wanted to share why I'm never on time for anything. Always, always late. Not only do I not know what time it is, but neither to any of my clocks. 
I took my camera with me as I make my routine visit to all my clocks. 
So at about 6:42ish.. This is what I found...

[not-so-timely clocks]


  1. I obsess about what time it is when I have something I need to do. I think I have a few clocks around as well.

  2. I know, I'm constantly checking the time, but..
    NONE of my clocks say the same time!!

    It has frustrated me for.. well.. a couple years now, and I'm still yet to do anything about finding out the correct time.

  3. The one thing I REALLY miss about having a cell phone. That clock was set by satellites, not me. So I could sync all my clocks to it and never have a problem. I vote to set one that's portable and carry it around to the others and set them all off of one. I have OCD and having mismatched clocks would probably give me an anxiety attack (okay not really, but still...)

  4. LOL Wow. Yeah I'm late to everything too, but not because of my clocks. I'm late because of my toddler &/or husband. LOL I think most of my clocks have different times too. My husband seriously sets his alarm clock 20-30 minutes ahead. I looked at it this morning and about had a heart attack thinking I was sooo late.