29 September 2009

Things To Be Happy About:

1. New Gold Flats. 
2. Orange Sorbet. 
3. Free Books @ the Library.
4. Soup Eating weather. 
5. Waist Cinching Belts. 
6. Talking on the Phone with Friends (and Mom)!
7. Dinner @ Chili's. 
8. Time with my students. 
9. Design Shows on TV. 
10. Entering in a Photo Contest. 

Here are the Photos I'm entering: 


  1. All great photos, but i especially love the middle one! And those are all great things to be happy about. I think I need to start dedicating a certain day to just listing things that made me happy during the week on my blog. If I do, i'll give you full credit for sparking that idea ;)

  2. Jennifer: Thank you! I hope they do well in the contest!

    Jessica: Haha - I totally can't take credit for the list. I got the idea from a calendar at the BX yesterday. Everyday it tells you 10 things to be happy about. I thought, why pay $15 for the calendar when I can list things that truly make ME happy! So, I think you should make a list too! It makes you feel better! :)

  3. Kate: I'm partial to the violinist, but a bit in love with the flower photo. Good luck with your choice!

  4. Thanks Rose! I was able to submit all three photos into different categories! So cross your fingers!

    We don't find out until the end of October, but they display them all at the end so whether I win or lose, people will still get to see my art!

  5. LOVE this blog. :) I'm so stealing the idea. :^p LOL Oh and the photos are fantastic girl. Good luck!!!