21 September 2009

Military Sacrifice.

I'm going to try my best to be as vague and detailed as possible (Your thinking, What?!). Though I am not discussing Justin's actual job, I want to talk about the situation surrounding a recent decision that we made for us. So bear with me if I don't describe what it is that he does - because, that isn't my main point and I wouldn't want to get into any trouble for talking about things that I shouldn't. But, I hope I don't confuse you in the process. The last thing I want is for some military guy ringing my door bell because my blog was an operations security threat. [The commercials of OpSec from the Armed Forces Network on TV are going through my mind right now]

Not to long ago, Justin took an opportunity to change squadrons. This move was a tough decision, but a much needed one. He was working incredibly long and irregular hours at the old job. And, he was always (ALWAYS) grumpy or stressed after work. He could never relax enough to enjoy his time home. Not to mention the last minute trips, weekend-duty, or early mornings that he was expected to be ready for. I usually don't complain and I knew what we were getting ourselves into. When he joined the military I didn't think or expect a 9 to 5 job. But, I did expect to maintain some sort of balance between our marriage and the military. It got to a point, where we were like "What did we do!?", "Why did I decide on the military?", "What am I doing this for?", "Is it even worth it?" But the most important question was, at what cost do we continue going on like this without taking action to try and help us?

So - through the grape-vine (I'm sure) people heard that Justin might want to change jobs. And so the swap was offered and we took it! We thought the easiest part was over. No, No, Nooo... ever since that decision, we have been asked repeatedly - you really like it over there? It was as if the position that Justin took was a step in the wrong direction or a step down. The job that he took has more stable and scheduled work. He is working inside a building, instead of out in the elements. He is responsible for one section instead of the whole thing. And he comes home to me less stressed. It has given Justin and I more time together. And in the precarious state of being newly married, in the military, living overseas - we are so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to capitalize on the time we do have.

The thing that I'm worried about is the standard at which we hold for deciding what is an important job and what isn't. Is a job more important when you take TDY's or leave your family to eat dinner alone? Is a job better when it makes you so nuts that you can't stop thinking about it or talking about it when you are away from it? Does a job have more glory when you are pulling a 12 hour shift in the pouring rain? Or does everything contribute to the big picture? I am a believer that every job is a factor in the grand scheme of missions, or anything. How can we put more importance on one job or the other? You can't. Without one you can't have the other.

I think that the service my husband provides for his country is incredible. Regardless of the actual squadron or work he is doing, it still an amazing dedication and sacrifice to be a part of the military. I'm proud to be married to an Airman, who puts his time in and works very hard in the things that he does. He strives to do the best he can in the job he has. It isn't a glamorous job being in the military and they don't get rewarded enough for the work they do. But, never the less, they all play a part. I know that a lot of military spouses read my blog, so please thank your spouses (or yourself, if you are in the military). The sacrifice is not unnoticed. This would be the perfect time to pat yourself on the back! Toot your own horn! You deserve it!

 To the Men & Women in the:
Air Force. Navy. Army. Marines. Coast Guard. Air National Guard. Reserves.

A huge, huge, huge  [Thank You].



  1. I think you are absolutely right in this! Not in only the military, but even in a normal office.. every job is important and one position couldn't survive without the other.
    As long as he is happy with what he does and it helps keep your marriage happier.. that's really all that matters!

  2. Well said babe. I know exactly what you mean. ;^)

  3. Jess & Jess :)

    Thank you for the support! I thought it was a good move and felt I needed to explain. I know there are some that look at our decision and think, Why!? And there are others that have been suportive. So I thought I would just get it out there and say that this move was not, by any means, a step down or away from our goal!


  4. By the way ~
    Thank you so SO much for taking the time to comment on my last post. It always means a lot when yall leave comments on the not so bright, bubbly, life is oh-so-amazing posts.. especially when i can tell they're coming from the heart. You'll be glad to see a slightly more back to my normal self post today :)


  5. You are VERY welcome! It was nice to pass down some of the wisdom that I gained from my first experience moving and from some pretty knowledgeable military spouses. Glad to read that you are back to normal, even if it is only a little bit!


  6. I am very proud of both of you. The two of you are working together to build your life together. I can not wait to see you both and share in your home and life in Japan. Love you both and miss you.

  7. Eeek, changing jobs in the military is tough. Mr. T was thinking about changing jobs because his work was stressing him out the way it sounds like J's was, and he was so worried about the crap he would get from the people he currently works with. Things got switched around and its so much better now, but its always a tough situation. Good for you guys for sticking to your marriage.

    Thanks for following!

  8. Mom - I love how it says Mom when you post something! :) Makes me smile. We CANNOT wait for you to come here. 3 weeks now! I can't wait for you to see why and what I love about Japan. Love you.

    Rachael -

    Ugh - Switching jobs in the military is NEVER easy - but considering it is the same job, just at a different location, we thought it would be a smoother transition than it was. And work-wise, it was - it was all the people that didn't understand that were giving us a hard time.
    Things are sorted out now, but it was frustrating! Thanks for the support! :) And, by the way, I Love your blog!

  9. People are always going to give you a hard time because they will make assumptions and most times the assumptions are never good. So I totally get your frustrations.