03 February 2010

Sake Factory

A little sake never hurt anyone.
I have been introduced to the world of sake (naturally - we are in Japan!) & I love it.
So...It isn't surprising that I enjoy an afternoon of sake tasting in the mountains with some great friends.
(two of which are leaving next weekend = sad face)
Here are the highlights:
Welcome to your next hangover! 
There were several to choose from. We ended up getting a few (or more) bottles to try. Some were super dry and some were very smooth. I settled on a fruity sake made with ume (plum).

The deal is: You go inside the tasting building, try out some of the delish sake, and get your sake cup as a souvenir. Then, head outside to purchase the bottles and drink away your sorrows while sitting next to a beautiful river and mountain landscape.
Of course - you don't want to do it alone. 
 & We munched on some yummy (some not-so-yummy) japanese snacks.
Opps... someone broke the chopstick!
The Hubby didn't go, but he was awesome and picked us up at the train station after!
Yet another review of something amazing to do in Japan. 

[Note: All photos are courtesy of Not-Me.
Thank you to Bonnie and Chris...
they took all the pictures!
And Thank you for letting me 
steal them from your facebook 
to post on my blog!]


  1. Looks like it was a SAKE good day! I've actually never tried it!

  2. Mmmmm looks like we're going to have to go when I'm not pregnant! It looks fun & it'll be a nice ladies day out! ;)

  3. The view looks like not such a bad place to drink your troubles away.. beautiful! I've never actually tried Sake, but you made that fruity one sound good!

  4. What a fun day - and what a beautiful view!!

  5. Looks beautiful. And what a nice hubby to pick you up after your adventure.

  6. I went to a sake tasting once with a group of gals, and it was so fun. Oh how I miss Japan! Looks like you had fun. Was that a CoCo curry restaurant in one of your pics? I used to LOVE that place!!

  7. How fun! I'd love to go sometime!