27 April 2010

Disgusting Jobs

I received an e-mail from an engineering blog that helps guide prospective students to the online degrees and programs. 

I know. 

Fun Fact: I'm not an engineer, nor am I in (or about to be in) an online engineering program. 

BUT: I thought the article she sent me was cool because it gives me the best excuse to talk about one of my favorite shows.....

Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe. 
I love Mike Rowe for his witty comments and his ability to poke fun at the job themselves, but maintain respect for the people doing the tasks. 
I also love how most of the workers Mike encounters are some of the happiest people doing some of the most fowl jobs. In a weird (slightly disgusting way) it makes me smile to know that people who work in some filthy "offices" have a sunny disposition. 

Anyway, this article talks about the 20 Most Disgusting Jobs That You Never, Ever Want.  

I'm going to highlight a couple of my favorites: 
Proctologist. A doctor, yes. A doctor of what exactly??

A doctor specializing in the rectum. Can you imagine non-stop anal exams?!?? 
Dirty job, indeed. 

Hotel Maid. Seems like an honest job and honest living. 
And VERY disgusting. Mike Rowe should go and follow a maid for a day. 
And always tip your maid! 
I wonder if this applies internationally or just in the states?

So if you get a chance, look at the article
and click on some of the links provided for each job. 
Have an extra second??? 
Check out What a Crappy Job

Its a website dedicated to posting disgusting jobs (with photos and videos! yay!) and making some funny remarks about them... 

don't judge...

I know your secretly laughing (or throwing up ) over this stuff.

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  1. I love this post!

    Dirty Jobs is one of my favorites shows! And I have a crush on Mike Rowe!

    Great post!