15 April 2010

Please Read Me!

I didn't even know how to title the post. Seeing as it has been so long. 
So, just in case you weren't paying attention, I made a desperate attempt at provoking excitement about this lack-luster post....(te-he).

Hello, My name is Kate.
And I'm addicted to my Spring Break. 
[Reason numero uno for not blogging....]

I can't say that I've been having writer's block because... 
I haven't even tried... 

I know what it is....

I've had idea-block.
I don't even know where to start any of my (slightly pathetic) attempts at posting...

So here I am... begging for forgiveness from my loyal readers (yet again)
You don't hate me yet do you??? 

I'm fearing that you are staring at my picture and thinking...
Yeah, Kate - actually I do. 

I know ya'll are too kind....
and very forgiving. 
You deserve a million Thank-You(s)!! 
 [Photo taken by Kim]

So where have I been? Why haven't I been blogging? 
What happened to Blog #2?
Let's answer those (very good) questions in order. 

First, I've been here on base (on my spring break), very homesick. 
[Wanna know a secret? A very pathetic secret?]
I was wishing I was one of those rich,young, hot royals on VH1  
or at least friends with one of them.
  So I could borrow their private jets to fly home. 
I would even borrow one of their yachts and boat home...
Yea - I'm that desperate. haha. 
[I told you it was pathetic....]

[Picnic @ Showa Park, Tachikawa, Japan]

Second, I haven't been blogging. 
It's not such a big secret. 
I'm slightly stuck.
What is there to blog about? 
Do you even like to read about my little (very homesick) life in Japan? 
I'll be around more often. 

Third, Blog #2 has gotten away from me. 
I'm still personally on track with my weight-loss. 
I am utilizing many Japanese techniques to stay slim. 
And I'm taking a very direct American attitude. 
..particularly towards the excess that has accumulated 
around my middle section...
(and rear...). 
I just don't know how to spark motivation, when I can barely motivate myself. 
I'm working it all out!
I'm not giving up on it..
just trying to find some direction. 
I'll let you know here (on this blog) when I find that direction... 

Oh - And...Just in case you were wondering....
(I'm sure you were...)
I strategically placed photos in this post to keep your interest!
I will stoop to such a level!

 [My Japanese Teacher with the ladies!]

Did it work?

No? dang.


  1. Yay! You're alive and well! Glad to see you back around here. Good luck with the working out, I've been having major motivational problems in that department lol.

  2. Good luck with working out, I know its hard but you can do it. Good to hear you enjoyed your spring break.

  3. LOVE this blog Kate! LOL! I'm glad that you're taking this spring break to relax & have the time with yourself :]

  4. Hey! I missed you! No, really, I did. :) I swung by the other day to make sure I hadn't missed a new post. I hope you've been having fun, in spite of homesickness.

  5. I have missed you lots, but I've been feeling the same way. NO motivation on my end. I've even been a major slacker when it comes to commenting - so I know how you feel bud!

    Hope the homesick-ness gets better soon!

  6. Gesh....I guess I missed out on all of your "loss" of posting, since I'm a new follower! I'm glad because I like to be entertained daily! So get on with it women!!!!

    Don't you just want to punch those rich kids in their faces when you see them on VH1! Spoiled brats!!!!!

    I have a military blog too, its called, Goodnight moon! Come find me!

  7. Hope you get un-homesick soon!! I live in the Capital District right now while I finish school! I am glad that you are following. I will return to my normal blogging schedule once all of my hectic school work for the semester is over!! Enjoy the rest of your break!! :)