28 April 2010

Mr. Sun, Where are you?

What the heck is up with this weather!?! It's spring and then it's winter again! It's raining and then it's sunny!
Make up your mind already! I'm about to go crazy (insert crazy person scream!)! And if the bottom of any more of my pants get wet, I'll scream (insert crazy person scream #2)! It's definitely putting a damper on my mood. This being May, I don't think I'm being unreasonable.

What's else is bother me???
All this rain is just going to come back in a couple months for the standard rainy season that plagues Japan for a few weeks.

All I want is enough sunshine and warm weather to wear some cute skirts and sandals.

If things don't straighten out soon I'm going after the people doing the rain dance.
My pink toenails are drowning!
(I'll not even mention the white-ness of my legs...hmmph!)

Mr. Sun please shine down on me! ASAP!


  1. I'll send sunshine vibes your way. Rain rain go away!

  2. I'm sorry! Hope you get some sunshine soon :)

  3. Hope the rain goes away soon! Everyone needs sunshine!