26 April 2010

Good Bye Movies

I'm about 7 movies behind on Movie Critic Friday. 
No big secret. 
Too bad it took me this long to realize that I'm a terrible critic. 
I'm actually a chronic critic. 
I hated most of them. 
And the thought of even trying to write about movies that I felt were a BIG waste of my time - ugh. kill.me.NOW! 
(not really....please...)

SO: I'm nixing the Movie Reviews. 
BUT: I would say go watch these:

The Blind Side 
For the fact that its a true story & true stories are always good ones to watch. 

Sandra Bullock, 
You are an acting goddess.... 
For the sake of hollywood - please don't ever stop making them. 
A non-movie fan that will watch anything your in.... 
(including your train wreck of a film, All About Steve..)
p.s. what were you thinking on that one??

Inglorious Bastards
Which for people with a sensitive gag reflex should be re-titled to be...
Scalping Bastards.
Well. What can I say???
This was my intro to Quentin and lets just say I'm not running out to rent any of his other movies... 
Characters were interesting.. 
I mean Brad Pitt with that twang. Hillarious. 
It was entertaining. Did I think it was genius? 
But that could just be my inner-chronic-critic talking.

Yea. That's about it. 
I've been disappointed in myself about the Movie Critic Friday...
I had visions of calling it MCF and people just knowing what it was about...
ya. right! 

What WAS I thinking? 
I'm just not THAT into movies. 
Yea.... I watch them.. 
mainly because they are mindless distractions from a chaotic life. 
So I can cross that off of my bucket list: 

Have a tiny stint as a movie critic then fail, epically.
Live & Learn. 
Now I can go back to ignoring entire sections of a movie and day dream about decorating my future living room. (don't laugh. I do that! .....i'm serious!)
And now I don't feel bad about logging on to Facebook half-way through because I'm bored. 

So no more questions about MCF.
(Movie Critic Friday.... I knew it wouldn't catch on....)

 [Note: this is a double post. please read my little rant about stupid people on facebook and their insistence on complaining about how horrible life is on a daily basis. news flash, those people commenting on your status updates, about how much they care? They.don't. They really just like to make themselves feel better about giving you some sympathy. When really they are THANKING the sweet-lord-baby-Jesus that they don't have it as bad as you are describing it!]


  1. Hahaha. We are totally on the same wavelength. I hate people who do that on facebook! And let's be honest, the Academy Awards nominations are all about who you know anymore, not the merits of the actual film. (When was the last time 4 GOOD movies were nominated? really? 1939?) So yeah, you're totally normal...well, as normal as me :) If I had my choice, the Best Movie Category would look much different, with Up and Sherlock Holmes...and Blind Side, even though I haven't seen it yet, but I've yet to meet one person who said it wasn't FABULOUS. And I agree, Sandra Bullock is the absolute QUEEN of modern-day actresses. And I loved All About Steve :) I joked with SoldierMan, he can't die, that's who I'd become. (He says that if I died, he's become Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino. Probably more likely :))

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  3. My husband and I plan to see the Blind Side this weekend. Can't wait! I've heard so many good things about it.

  4. Oh I can't stand it when people post debbie downer posts on facebook NON stop!