22 April 2010

Planting New Seeds!

Spring break is definitely Oh-ver!!
Just ask the bags under my eyes....

Needless to say, after my {heavenly} spring break...
I'm feeling a bit drained this week. 
No more waking up when my body feels like it. 
No more extra time to keep the laundry at bay. 
No more running errands in the middle of the day when everyone else is at work...

And WHY do I work?!?!

Oh yes... 
To feed my endless need for anything shiny, sparkly, and cute! 
A good thing came out of some sunshine this week:
Despite not having a green thumb...
I'm attempting a balcony "garden" 
(a.k.a. 3 pathetic potted plants)
for the 3rd season in a row. 

I have a good feeling about these plants.
They look hearty. (They need to be if they are on MY balcony). 
Especially since they are planted in the same pots they saw me pull out the brown, dead, lifeless plants that previously resided on the balcony..
seriously..please pity me 
pity my pitiful attempt at beautifying my concrete balcony!!
On a completely different note:

Did I mention that I'm helping to coach some girls soccer??
I am !!
and loving every minute of it! 

Let's bring it back to highschool..
not-so long ago, actually. 

I played for YEARS! 
Now flash forward to college...
[Let's hear it for New Yoooorrkk!]
At a small minuscule Catholic College, CMSV.
I played my first season of college soccer there...

(We even won our conference championship against Staten Island!)

Sadly - NYC didn't last long...
I transferred back to community college to be closer to family. 
[Which ended up in my favor since The Hubby and I met there]
[[AND I was able to spend the last 2 years of my fathers life with him.]]
{Everything happens for a reason}

Okay, back to soccer...
I can guarantee if I stayed at private school, I would have continued to play soccer for another 3 seasons and built my way up to a mildly successful stint as an athlete [relatively speaking, of course!].
So I'm back on the field, not as a player, but as Coach Kate. 
yea...they call me that. 
yes... I love it! 

And I'm slowly reminding my muscles what it feels like to be in "soccer" shape. 

Dear Muscles,
I'm going to take the opportunity to apologize, in advance, for the MAJOR pain you will undergo as I push through the drills to regain your memory on exactly HOW to run up and down the field, while dribbling a stupid ball....

p.s. Is muscle memory just a myth? If not, what can I do to boost your memory?

Forever In-debted, 
(Coach) Kate.  

Now I'm off to enjoy the weekend...
Which includes hosting a baby shower
(well baby "sprinkle" - its her 3rd!)
for a special someone. 

Could it be this cute preggo?

Happy Weekend-ing!!


  1. I played soccer from 4th to 8th grade and loved it! But, I got burnt out from playing sports in general and didn't play after I went to high school... definitely miss it! Glad you found a way to get back on the field!

  2. That's so cool that you're coaching! I'm sure it's challenging, but that sounds like a lot of fun. And good luck with the baby "sprinkle" (I love that!) :) Have fun!

  3. I love the idea of a baby "sprinkle." That is so cute. Good luck with the plants. I am currently trying to KILL the weeds that have overtaken our yard and flower beds. Maybe next year I'll try growing something! Check my blog tomorrow for some more love!

  4. That's awesome about coaching soccer! Such a fun sport! Good luck on your plants.