28 February 2011

9 more weekends.

That's all that remains of my time in Japan..

I'm shocked! It keeps flying by.

It always seems like its the weekend! (Which normally would be an ah-mazing thing!)
But, the time is dwindling down and there is not much left of our downtime to get my fill of food, sights, and the comforts of Japan that I've become so accustomed to. I'm already planning out strategies for those who will still live here to ship some goodies to us in England!

Thankfully, there are amazing international markets around the world that will give me access to all the dishes that I've been so spoiled to have at my finger tips.

Like soba noodles.
Real ramen noodles.

um YUM!

But recently the biggest change in my life is the addition of some self-made fringe!
Exciting things are happening here people! Let me tell you! Exciting things...

Enjoy the last few hours of your weekend while I'm starting my week off here across the world.

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  1. My really good friend is now in Yokoto and has been for two years. Next month, they are being transferred to Okinawa. She was really hoping for England... looks like that is where you are going. Where at in England?