23 February 2011

School Woes (Part II)

I put up a post yesterday touching on my frustrations directly attributed to the expense of school. After some reflection I realized how insensitive I was to students who are faced with leaving the classroom in the face of high tuition and costs. I am so fortunate to continue my education and receive grant money that although might not seem like enough, helps keep the tuition (somewhat) in control. And as one reader reminded me, it makes you appreciate the education you are paying for. It can also push you to work harder in the classes!

Bottom line is... I have to stop feeling sorry for myself.

After I got over my little tantrum, I downloaded a bunch of scholarship applications and submitted two yesterday. I woke up this morning feeling ready to take on this enormous balance by scheduling out the deadlines and preparing to write up several essays.

I'm getting by on the encouraging words of others. I'm staying motivated by the success stories of students in the same (or worse) situation. And I know that regardless of what may get in my way, paying for an education is worth every penny. It will only serve to benefit me and my career goals.

I know I'm not the only one. And for those of you in school and struggling to make ends meet. Keep it up. Your graduation date will come and you will be a college graduate!

So now, I'm finishing up my latte. Soaking up all the caffeine. And getting my butt in gear to submit some more scholarship essays and applications.
(The more I submit, the greater my chances of winning one!). 

Thanks for all the support yesterday!

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