09 February 2011

Can I tell you a Secret?

The line that school girls whisper in the ears of their girlfriends telling them who is cute and expecting them  to keep it in confidence... Yes. It is the same one that I whisper to Hubs before we go to bed.. 

Usually its something that no one else knows. And he is the ONLY person in the world to hear it. 
And I wouldn't dream of sharing most of what I tell him with anyone.. let alone on a blog. 

But whenever I start feeling like I'm losing connections amidst our busy lives or feeling like we are losing touch with reality.. I remember that people who are not connected and care deeply for each other don't share secrets. ever. period. 

Sometimes my secrets are small idiosyncrasies from my day. Others are more deep and serious, like feeling ashamed about something. Usually its things that I do that might be embarrassing. And you know what Hubs says about all these secrets? That he loves me regardless. 
This act of openness takes point-zero-two seconds out of my life, but keeps us engaged within each other's lives. 

I guess it could be considered pillow talk. 
It could be insignificant to those who share every detail of their lives with one another. 

For us. It's a sacred part of our day. 

Do any of you do something similar to stay connected? 

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