22 February 2011

School Woes.

I have spent the greater part of my morning coordinating payments for college.
Although it is a necessary payment, I couldn't help but gasp at the amount and stress over watching our accounts dwindle down.

But all this stress is directed towards funding my educational efforts.
Is it mis-directed?

I should be thankful that we even have the money to cover the cost of my education.
I should be thankful that I received some financial aid.
I should be thankful for the opportunity to continue my education.

Instead I'm stressing.
It's expensive.
It's frustrating.

It could make a weaker person throw in the towel.

What makes someone push on?
Knowing that the future can be brighter and easier with a degree.
Understanding the importance of education, not only for monetary gain, but for personal growth.

So now I pick myself up. Add the payments to my calendar and work hard to make that money worth it.
Study hard. Learn the most I can. And earn good grades.

In the meantime though.. I'll be collecting quarters and cans to help out with these ghastly costs.


  1. I was signed up to go back to school but had to withdraw days before classes started because there was no way my husband and I could afford it. I say be thankful you can afford it but gasp and curse at the cost of schooling. Currently we are trying to save up so I can go back.

  2. I feel the same way. We pay for every bit of my education. I guess one good thing is that it makes you appreciate it more.

  3. I am paying off student loans now. Sigh.