15 February 2011

I scored PCSing GOLD!

So.. I'm chatting with some of my friends about their current PCSing process and it turns out I'm WAY ahead of the game...

And all I want to do is brag! so sue me!

As soon as we found out that we were moving to another overseas base I immediately made appointments for the command sponsorship. And then I went directly to the source of it all and picked up a personal copy of the command sponsorship checklist. After all the appointments I would check in frequently with the guy coordinating the process to understand what I had left and to let him know that I want him to stay on top of this for me.

I absolutely attribute getting our orders so quickly to a proactive approach to getting this stuff done. Technically I could have waited. But why?
And really, most people don't get their orders until about a month out. And some.. a few weeks. And for unlucky few (that I've only heard horror stories about)... days!

But that is why we scored PCS GOLD!
Early orders = travel itinerary, early planning, organization, and making the move MUCH easier!

Now, I'm just organizing.
Trying to focus on getting our paperwork organized.

A Few Things about Organizing Paperwork for your Move:

1. Set aside copies of anything PCS related (including passports, itineraries, tickets, confirmation #'s, receipts) in an enclosed folder. (Accordion, Zipper Binder..) And label it PSC Essentials DO NOT PACK!

2. When shipping your car, make sure all the paperwork (title, bill of sale, receipts, maintenance, proof of past insurace) is together. That way at your gaining base you can show that a). you own the car, b). you have been responsibly paying insurance on it, and c). that it is up to date on all maintenance.

3. Keep Military Stuff with Military Stuff. I don't TOUCH any of that. I'm sure a majority of the contents of those annoying blue folders can be thrown away. But, what I've done is dedicated a bin to all of his military records. They are all together.

4. LABEL. Organization isn't any good without an accurate and easy to use labeling system!

5. For moving purposes, it helps when all paperwork is confined to one (or two) bins or a filing cabinet that can be shipped together. That way, on the other end of the moving process (unpacking), you can ret assured that everything is in one place (and hopefully in one piece!).

As I navigate through the moving process, I'll be keeping you updated! I'll share my tips and struggles to only hope that your move is as smooth as possible!

Bring it on PCS.. BRING IT ON!!


  1. I'm so behind, I didn't even realize you were moving! I'll have to read back some, but is this a good move?
    And you GO girl for having this one so organized!!

  2. I know it's an easy mix up with the address and stuff, but you mean pCs not pSc! :)

  3. That's so great! It sounds like you're way ahead of the game!