01 October 2009

Happy Happy Hulu!!

I've just discovered this awesome website, Hulu, take a look at it here

Living overseas, the cable is outrageous and not in the budget for us - and the Armed Forces Network (AFN) tries very hard to bring us great TV. But the fact that most of the prime time shows are last season and we get NOTHING live, just eats away at my addiction of great TV. 

Among my favorites are: 
Grey's Anatomy: Who are in their new season complete with new issues and romances! Exciting! 
Gossip Girl: I LOVE all the fashion and I love to live vicariously through these rich, beautiful people living in NYC!!!
Glee: My newest discovery. LOVE it! I'm a broadway, show tune, musical lover. Include all of that into a show that also has humor and drama - Sweeet!
Modern Family: SO FUNNY! Love it! Just hilarious, I was laughing out loud last night- and that hasn't happened in a long time! 

So, if I want to see all these fabulous shows I usually buy them off itunes. 
But...at $2.00 a show... Yea, I don't think so - I needed to find an alternative. 
SO - a friend here on base, Leslie (I hope you read my blog!) uses this website, and posted it on facebook! Thank-You! 

First, it is completely FREE! 
Second, registration is quick and simple. (You do need to use an address in the states. I used my Mom's! Thanks Mom!)
Third, you get to see all the shows as they air in the states! 

So - to people here in Japan, or people in Germany, Italy, England, Kuwait, Iraq, Guam, Turkey, Qatar.. Even if you are in the states (and you are DVR & TiVO-less) Wherever you may be serving... You can still watch your shows! They have so many choices: Late night TV, SNL, Reality, News Clips, Cartoons.... Just thought I would share this little piece of heaven! 

[It is very possible that everyone already knows about hulu and that I'm just behind everyone in the internet department, but it still makes me HAPPY!] 

YAY for Fall TV!!! 



  1. Sorry girl.. i could have told you about this a long time ago had I known you were living so harshly. I'm a complete tv addict so I feel your pain! This hulu website should change your life for the better!

  2. Oh Yes! Hulu has already been doing its job, feeding my TV addiction.

    Apparently, my amazing-new-wonderful discovery- is not so new and not so amazing, because EVERYONE knows about it! Atleast now I can be apart of the hulu-club! :)

  3. There's also tvshack.com They have more shows on there that hulu doesn't have. :)

  4. I didn't know you didn't know about this! Isn't the site amazing! I'm glad you can keep up on Greys! Also if you go to ABC.com they show their episodes for free on there now so you can watch new shows that haven't been put on hulu yet.

  5. Jessie: Thanks!! :) I'll have to check it out!

    Jennifer: I know, I'm so freaking excited to keep up with Grey's!
    ABC doesn't allow access to watch their shows if you are overseas. But with hulu and tvshack- I should be good now!

  6. Oh and Sidereel.com When I very first got here (as in still in TLF) it was right in the middle of something really great going on in Grey's. I wasn't worried since I knew about abc.com showing them the next day and I about had a stroke when I found out I couldn't do that from here. I found sidereel.com pretty quickly and they do have a lot of shows that aren't on Hulu...but it's not NEARLY as good of quality!