19 February 2010

Movie Critic Friday

* First Installment of Movie Critic Friday 
Today's Review: Julie & Julia  
[aka: Julia & Julia, The Julia Childs Movie, 
That Movie with Meryl Streep & Amy Adams]

I'm pretty proud of myself that I actually know the actors, without searching on Google! (And who couldn't, I love these two!).
I give this movie 4/5 Le Creuset French Ovens!

Long Story Short:
I enjoyed this movie (in the comfort of my own home & in the comfort of my sweats!) because of its cuteness. Amy Adam's character is in a slump - at work, at home - I mean she moved into an apartment above a pizza shop in Queens! She loves to cook & by the way her Hubby hooves the food during the movie - she is darn good at it. It is her escape to something she has control over. So she starts up a blog (probably how many of us got started!) and she decides to tackle Julia Child's french cookbook in year. The movie flips back and forth between Julie (in Queens) and Julia (the Cook!). I thought the weaving of the two true stories made for such an interesting movie. But even more fascinating was Julia Child's journey into cooking and the long road to being published. It's heart warming & funny.

What I didn't like:
The length. There were parts that were a bit.. yawn.yawn.
Julie doesn't get to meet Julia (I was totally expecting it!)! (I KNOW it's a true story and based on REAL things: but it would have been a happy ending- I'm a sucker for those!).
I'm not a bigger fan of french food after this. Especially after a boned duck!?

It did however make me want to be a better cook & better blogger.  
And throw some cute dinner parties! 

In my quest to deepen my understanding of movies here are some tidbits I learned... The director is Nora Ephron - who is best known for When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle (who knew? Not me!). Meryl Streep has won 13 awards for best actress in this movie so far (with 2 more still pending!) Apparently, Julie Powell (The REAL Julie) thought that the film didn't emphasize the relationship with her cat well enough - and that the cat "actor" was not accurate (random, I know!).  

I would say:
Rent It
Buy It
Definitely worth the $5!
One word to sum up this movie: Delightful.
***What did you all think? 
Was anyone else inspired to tackle a project in a year like that?  
I know I was!


You all had some good nicknames!!! 

(Did you miss the post?? Check it out here. Add Yours!)

Thanks for indulging me! 

Here are some of the best: 
Gordo, Meeranda Jeany BoBo, Bossy Pants, Peter Pantless, Easy Bake. 
Too Funny!!

On a side note: The Hubby felt left out of the nickname post 
(insert the saddest face you've ever seen)
So here are his: 
Name: Justin Andrew
Nicknames: Love, Jay, Jay-Andy, Tooter (He is the Tooter to my Tootie!), Stinky


  1. I saw the movie over Christmas (also a rental) and I thought it was adorable, too. I think I did a passing review in my "Christmas Movies" post, but anyway...I love Amy Adams, and it's the first thing with Meryl Streep I've ever watched through, normally she annoys me, but in this she was excellent. It's hard now, though, knowing how Julie turned out, watching it and being all, "Oh, she's so cute." (If you don't know what I mean, look up her second book, "Cleaving" on Amazon. Sad.) The movie is still cute, and probably a fun fantasy for all us lady bloggers out there. :)

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  9. I read the book before watching the movie and enjoyed the book better. I saw the movie in the theatres with one of my friends and enjoyed it and made me appreciate my blogging habit even more!! I would definitly like to learn how to cook seeing I am getting married in 4 months, but I havent been too motivated yet!!

    On a side note, some nicknames of mine: my mom calls me lulu, grace and my friends call me sassy or the sass and saucey one! my fiance and I call each other silly and sassy

  10. Following from Friday Follow! I did like this movie a lot...but I think I worked it up so much that it didn't live up to my expectations. I did enjoy the blogging aspect of it!

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  24. I thought it was a cute movie, too. Although, watching it made me very hungry :)

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