25 October 2009

Autumn Bliss.

Tomorrow is the Hubby's b-day I think he has had a great weekend so far - full of golf and Halo - what more could a man ask for!? 
We shared a de-lish dinner @ our friend's house and had a few drinks! We love you! Thank you
I made two ice-cream cakes - they left my kitchen slightly more stickier than when I started. 
Cake #1: Low fat Orange sorbet, non-fat graham crackers, non-fat cool whip, and fresh raspberries. 
Cake #2: Coffee and vanilla ice cream, oreos, cool whip and chocolate chips. 

[Freaking Excited for my delicious attempts at ice-cream cake!]
I decided to make a healthy (well healthier) version of the traditional high fat/high calorie one. It was my first time making them - so I was pretty impressed that everyone enjoyed them. Yeea-uh

In addition to all this b-day hooplah - I just loved that it was the first day it actually felt like fall. My friend, T, would say that it has been chilly and cold for a while now. But, since she is from Arizona - I'll cut her some slack... 
I broke out the fall decorations (and some halloween ones - I was a tad late with those) & a cute turtle neck sweater.

[A few squash I picked up at the commissary for some fall decor!]

Here is a list of some of my favorite things about fall: 

Yellow, Orange, Deep Red.
Crisp air. 
Crunchy leaves. 
Apples with caramel. 
Thick socks. 
Scarf weather. 
Pumpkin carving. 
Smell of Cinnamon. 
Hot Soup. 
Fall Sports. 
Flannel Sheets. 
Flannel PJ's. 
Rustling leaves. 

I'm definitely a lover of autumn. ahhh - sigh... this is when I'm at my best. This weather right here! And luckily - in Japan, fall is a long season. So I'll get this incredibly refreshing season until end of November! 

[It's me! And I'm way happy for this weather. Note the scarf!]
Well - I'm off to bed on the eve of the hubby's 24th B-day! 
Happy Birthday Baby! 
I love you from here to the end of the universe.



  1. Your little bowl of fall is too cute! I love the picture of you man so excited. Haha, that would be my reaction as well. Hope you enjoy your weekend and yay for fall!

  2. He's so excited about those cakes! I'm sure they turned out great. I love the fall as well. Glad you're able to enjoy it!

  3. Aww happy birthday to him!!

  4. happy birthday to your man! That ice cream sounds soo very delicious! I am just blog hopping from Lindsey's page :-) You've got one cute blog :-)

  5. Hello Ladies! Thanks for the comments! The hubby had a great b-day and we BOTH enjoyed those ice cream cakes!

    Tatiana: Welcome! :) Thanks for stopping by!