30 October 2009

It's a pumpkin carving collage!

This was our first year carving pumpkins together. 
I know I haven't done this since I was a kid
Feel free to joke hate laugh take pity on our serious lack of carving skills. 
Note to self for next October 30th: 
Don't use Sharpies.
Use a template. 
Drink more alcohol.

But, it was ALOT of fun. We really enjoyed it. 
I even did the Susie-home-maker thing and roasted the seeds. 
Um YUCK! Nope, they don't taste like nuts (thanks so much for that ask.com
I'm not a huge fan. 

At least we know for next year. 

Trick or Treating? Spooky Haunted Base Housing? Devil Costume? Scary Movies? 
Check. Check. Check. & Check. 
So Happy, Happy Halloween-ing everyone!!! 



  1. nice! you had fun... that's all that matters <3

    you clearly didn't make the pumpkin seeds right.. they're amazing! Did you put any seasoning on them?

  2. I don't like the seeds either... They taste weird!

    The pumpkins turned out good!

  3. They look way better than mine! I never use a template either! Glad you had fun!