04 October 2009

School Days.

  Hi-Ho! Hi-Ho! Its off to school I go.

That is the song my Mom used to sing before heading off to school. And it is all I can think about since my new school/classes/major start on Tuesday

I am starting with the Introduction to Human Services class @ University of Phoenix in the B.S. of Human Services/Management program! 

This is very-very-very (very-very-very!) exciting!! I hated taking my Psychology classes before. It had lost its luster for me. So, I've been searching for just the right major/career for me and I [think] I've found it! 

To get myself started on the right foot... I added two goals (Graduating and Getting A's) to my vision board (first photo)! This board is on the wall next to my side of the bed, that way I see it when I wake up every morning! 

The second photo, are the old, beat up notebook and file folder that got a facelift! :) Just thought it would be a cute way to start school! :) 

Wish me luck as my work load gets heavier, my books become more academic and less leisure, and my schedule gets significantly busier. 


  1. aww i love the decorated notebook.

  2. Thank you Kimberly. I have all these scrapbooking supplies that I need to use. So, I thought it would be fun to decorate a boring notebook! :)

    Wecome to my blog, by the way! :)