19 October 2009

Just Me & Mom

Hi! Hello! I'm Sorry! I Know! It has been too long
Mom came to Japan!
 [She came, she saw, she conquered, she left!] 

It was whirlwind. Just about everything I've seen in the past 2 years, I tried to squeeze in to 10 days. We saw temples, shrines, rivers, mountains, festivals, traditions, parks, imperial palace and crowds (lots and lots of crowds).

She can say 'Hello', 'Thank -you', 'yes', and 'one' in Japanese. 
She ate raw fish and mushrooms for the first time
 She got [naked] in a hot spring with me and my students. 
She met my wonderful Japanese Family. 
She bought some lots of dishes & pottery. 
She experienced a traditional Japanese Tea ceremony
She cringed when I was driving down the tiny streets. 
She looked gorgeous for her 25th wedding anniversary. 
She knew that Dad was with her in spirit
She is now an expert a master in the art of chop sticks. 
She and I both shed tears when she had to leave. 

I was so sad to put her on the bus to the airport today. So, here are a few pictures that made me smile. We made so many memories
I'll be posting again this week with some fabulous stories of our vacation together. 


  1. You got to see your mom too! AHhhh, fabulous. Your pictures look great. It must be difficult to be that far away. Hope you guys made every minute count. Have a great week.

  2. It sounds like you both had a great time together!!!! I'm sure she was so sad to leave!

  3. Sounds perfect! I know it was hard for her to leave, but you have all these new memories to cherish now!

  4. We had such a wonderful time! I'm just so happy that she made the trip here! :)