07 October 2009

Q: What's a typhoon???

A: What we know as a hurricane..

Holy Super Typhoon! Well... at least that is what we are ready for. Who knows what it will happen.

The whole base has this nervous/frantic/excited energy about it. Half of it is because we are expecting heavy winds and rain and the other half because nothing exciting ever happens here. The base is shut down tomorrow in anticipation of a pretty bad storm. Everyone is urged to stay indoors to ride out the storm.

So, the stores were packed with people stocking up on canned soup, bulk batteries, bottled water, gas, propane, matches, candles, and first aid kits. Justin got our furniture on the balcony ready to beat the storm. We have back-ups for the back-ups on everything. Which might sound excessive... but...  

This is our very first typhoon! Just another thing to cross off the list of things to do before we die, survive a natural disaster! Woo Hoo! (Please sense the sarcasm). But I have to tell you, I just want to be able to say that I've been there and done that! [Living in NY - the worst things that happen are ice storms, blizzards, and frigid temperatures. (once we had  tornado) Which, I must admit, can be devastating and destructive.] But a typhoon? No.. I mean.. A super typhoon?? Now, that is something to talk about!

Amidst all this hype surrounding this weather, I am also getting ready for my Mom to come to Japan this weekend! My first (real) visitor. [The first one doesn't count for reasons that don't need to be explained here. Let's just say, we aren't speaking with this person anymore.] Anyway--I have a very busy schedule for us. We will essentially see a cross section of Japanese culture. Everything from the westernized, the historical, the artistic, the food, the people, the city life, the rural parts, the beautiful, and the not so beautiful. Just about everything you would want to see in a nation, I've jammed into 10 wonderful, but 10 busy days! I cannot describe how freaking excited I am for my Mom to come!! I want her to see where I have lived for almost 2 years! I want to show her all the things that I love about this place! I want her to just enjoy being here and fall in love with the people, just as I have! I am just ready to share this experience with the important people in my life, so I  love that my Mom can have this to share with me!  

In addition to preparing our schedule, I have also revamped the guest room with beautiful accessories that I picked up on clearance! I'll post a picture when it is guest-ready! I've also picked out some great outfits that I want to wear down in Tokyo. You know, to stay fashionable...

Also - I've started my new class. Which is has a ridiculous amount of reading and writing. Thus, while my mother and I are touring around Japan - I will also be turning in assignments and trying to stay on top of my academic schedule. Wish me luck!

Okay - So...

Tonight, on the eve of my first typhoon ever - I am relaxing with the hubby. I have the whole season of Criminal Minds ready to go! I have a couple bottles of wine, Oreos, lentil soup, and frozen pizza!
 [I know - it doesn't sound like it would go together, but the store was so crowded - I just grabbed what I saw and got home, put it all out on the counter and was like, What? Oh well.. we will make it work, we can make this eclectic blend of food fabulous.]

And - Even though I would love to brag about enduring a long, strong typhoon.
I really, honestly hope that it doesn't turn out as serious as they think.
But, just in case... we are ready!

Bring it on Typhoon Melor..bring..it..on!



  1. Sounds like your about as prepared as you can be! Good luck.. hope you get a little tiny bit of excitment but not enough to where anyone has to REALLY worry about anything. Update us if you can to let us know your holding up!

  2. Just found your blog and it is super cute!!

  3. Good luck, I hope it's not as bad as they're thinking it might be.

  4. There is something for you over at Sunshinemeg today = )

  5. Too bad it only turned out to be some mild wind and heavy rain. So again not exciting. Boo that. LOL

    That's awesome about your mom coming. I wish my mom would come visit me. She's afraid to fly. Have fun with your mom though!!! I bet she'll love it here. :)

  6. As Jessie has mentioned... the typhoon... as scary as it sounded was a total flop. BUT that doesn't mean that we didn't have a typhoon party with white wine and Oreos. Surprisingly delish together! :) Thanks for all the concerned comments. I'm happy that it wasn't serious - though this definitely doesn't give me any bragging rights..

    Lindsey: WELCOME! and THANK YOU! You are very sweet!