29 October 2009

Fun Fact Thursday!

I've began to notice that my Mom isn't the only one reading my blog anymore. I've gained some followers and I'm loving it! :) 
If I haven't Welcomed you yet.......... WELCOME!!!!
In light of these surprising additions, (Yes, I'm surprised that anyone would really want to hear  my ranting....) I am doing a Fun Fact Thursday blog. (its not alliteration.. but I didn't want to wait for Friday.)

Let's Begin: 

1. Most of my memories are tied to scent. (Specific Lotions, Hairsprays, Perfumes, Cleaning Supplies, Foods, Candles... the list can go on forever - they all bring me back to happy/sad/good/bad times - and most directly to the people I share the memories with). Crazy. 

2. I hate Winter. My mom once bought me a seasons ski pass, you have to go 12 times before you get your money's worth. It was during this season when I only went 3 times that I realized Winter and I could never be friends. 

3. I am not Political. I follow up on current events and I do watch the news. But I'm not affiliated with any party, mostly because on some issues I'm at one end and on other issues I'm at the other. Some people have called me politically ignorant - others have said that I should join a party. But what people should know: I'm very comfortable with where I'm at with my personal beliefs. Neither the democrats or the republicans give me what I'm looking for. Period.

4. I dance while I clean. I turn the music up and shake my booty as I wash dishes, do laundry, clean the bathroom, or vacuum - every single time.... its the only way I'll get the jobs done

5. Purses are an admitted weakness. I usually have love affairs with purses at the BX - visiting them every so often (sometimes hiding them) - until I have the money to buy them or the guts to whine to Justin about how he can't deny me love. 

6. I'm trying to lose weight. My ideal weight/size was 2 years ago when I got married.... that is where I want to be. 

7. I can easily pick up and move places. Thats why the military is a good fit for us. I'm not too attached to things or places. It is always hard to leave, but Justin and I have proved we can make things work wherever we go. Certainly there are places at the Top of our list and there are definitely some at the bottom - but overall, we decided that it doesn't matter where we go, because we would never have to do it alone. (Mushy, Mushy - I know, but it is true). 

8. A perfect day would include a nap. I love long naps - shades pulled down just slightly to give you a lying-under-the-trees kind of shade,  a light breeze coming into the bedroom, a freshly fluffed pillow and a cozy blanket. I know what I'm doing this afternoon

9. I love the NBA (Oh.... this might be a long season Sunshinemeg - this is her blog and I love it, but she is not a fan of the NBA - no worries, I'm still a faithful reader!) - this is the only sport the hubby and I can watch together. I'm not a fan of football - or really baseball for that matter. So NBA is common ground for us. Usually I'm a Chicago Bulls fan, but this year the Cavaliers have Shaq - so I might be rooting for them - since I'm more than a little bit in love with him

and Drum Roll please..................

10. I am part of a very large/close/tight knit/nosey/ invasive family that thrives on being in each other's business and giving unsolicited and sometimes unneeded advice. However, I could not imagine being a part of any other family. Even when I feel bombarded by the force known as The Aunts (My Mom and her 4 sisters) I never feel more loved. They encourage, support, and motivate. They open their houses to who ever needs it - which is proven by the fact that a majority of my family has temporarily lived or stayed with The Aunts. And they have the ability to send their love and concern over 10,000 miles - which makes me feel like I don't live in a foreign country. 

I hope you enjoyed those. I don't think this will be a weekly thing (considering.. there aren't that many fun facts about me...) but this was fun! 



  1. I enjoyed your fun facts!! I am a purse lover myself!!!

  2. Omg I hate winter too. N girl I lived in South Dakota before we came here so imagine how I was feeling. LOL Shortly after we got our furniture in the house and got some groceries we got hit by a blizzard. I turned to my husband and said, "WHERE DID YOU MOVE ME?!" Yea I freaked out. I hate the cold and snow is pretty but I prefer it to be fake.

    I wouldn't worry about those who tell you to pick sides in politics. Maybe I'm a bit ignorant as well when it comes to politics, but I get what you're saying.

    LOL I dance while I clean too. Heck I just dance all the time. LOL My husband often gives me strange looks.

    Omg you made me laugh about the purse thing. You are too cute. Reminds me of my sister and her shoe fetish. She would hide shoes too until she could afford to buy them.

    I think I'm pretty much the same way when it comes to picking up and moving. I've never really been attached either. I think the hardest move was leaving home for the first time. I was sooo ready to go, but it was still really hard because well, it's home. Other than that all the places I've lived I've been able to just pick up and leave. Yeah it's hard leaving new friends, but you know that it's part of being a military spouse and you just get really excited to go on and experience new things. N maybe this is bad of me, but I love moving because it finally gets me away from annoying people.

    I love naps too. I wish I could get a nap in everyday, but these darn kids... LOL jk. I love my kids. I just wish both of them would nap at the same time so I could nap. Oooh I just had a realization... Kiana starts preschool soon... Ty naps during that time... WHOO HOO daily nap for mommy!!! LOL

    Reading about your family makes me miss mine. :) My family can be like that too, but I love em. :)

    I did enjoy this blog. How fun! :)

  3. I did enjoy this! Mostly because I could smile seeing a lot I have in common with your list.
    I'm with you on the politics. I should attribute some of that to slight ignorance in all fairness, but for the most part, it's because I live in the grey area. NOTHING is black or white for me. I annoy myself with it actually.
    I think I'll be the same way with moving around. I don't hold sentimental meaning to things at all. And we too have very sappily come to the conclusion that home is wherever we are together.
    I have my own "the aunts"!! My mom and her 3 sister. I love them and all the cousins they gave me.
    I do have to disagree with ya on the NBA though. I can't stand it.. sorry! I just don't have the attention span for it I think. Football.. I'm obsessed.. which my husband is very thankful for!

  4. Sara: Thanks! You should see my front hall closet. 2 shelves for my purses... Maybe I should start getting rid of them.

    Jessie: Thanks for all your comments! :) Yea - we are from NY - and winter can get pretty crazy there too. Snow is just not my favorite!
    Ugh & Napping is just heaven! I'm pretty busy between my jobs and school and exercising, but if I can catch an hour for an nap I do!
    In a Military family you have to be able to pick up and leave places and things behind - We are a different breed, us military spouses! :)

    Jessica: I like the news and I like hearing about current events and Politics - I have different opinions about things. But, like you on other things there is always gray areas.. and I like taking into consideration all sides of a topic. You have "the Aunts"!!!! That is fabulous!!! Its okay about the NBA, some people aren't fans - but this girl here is!!! :)

  5. Hahah, thanks for the shout out! With you love and my hate - we can even each other out = ) I love to dance with cleaning. "It gets the job done!" So true sister.

    And even though our NBA thoughts may differ, our political thoughts are dead on. Loved reading more about you, my international friend. Love your blog and hope you have a great day!!

  6. I'm not a fan of winter either!! At all!!!!!