08 May 2010


I'm a huge coffee fiend.

I discovered it very quickly in my first semester at college in NYC.
Late nights & early classes tend to lead to a craving for anything that will help keep your head off the desk and your eyes open.
(To be honest, I'm sort of a dork when it comes to school - so I really was that girl who was actually interested in class - you know the one... always asking questions, first to raise her hand, always answering first. Pitiful, I know. What can I say?? I'm a good student!)

Yes, I too needed to be alert for 8 am literature, so coffee found it's way into my heart and into my blood stream. Since then I've had a love affair with it. Plus, it didn't help that there is a coffee shop on every street in the city - so my addiction was readily available and there were cafes all over just waiting to take my money.

But as my semester neared it's end, my decision ultimately was to leave the city (partly due to my inadequacy to fit into a catholic college that I clearly was at odds with.), but mostly because I wasn't actually ready to be quite so irresponsible (how mature of me!).

[Side note (Jess, you will get a kick out of this): I was scorned by the nun that I talked to about transferring & she reminded me,in a very sharp tongue, that I would not, under any conditions be accepted back. If only I weren't such a wuss...I would have swift kicked her right in her jaw. But she took an oath to God, but God help her if she hadn't. I'm kidding. You know that right?!]

Back to coffee.... So I left my cafes, baristas, and Starbucks in NYC and moved back upstate.
Just my luck - my city just scored THE cutest hometown coffee house ever - and it would become home away from home. I even dragged the Hubby there a couple times while we were first dating.

Sighh...the memories..

So again, here I am in a different place, still addicted to coffee.
Only now I take a little less sugar and a lot more espresso.
& I take less foam to make room for more caffiene.
And, just my luck (again) Japan is a coffee powerhouse. Seriously.
They have cafe au laits that would rival any European selection.

Where was my coffee yesterday (Friday) when I thought it was Saturday - which all started on Thursday (which I thought was Friday) - Hence me thinking Friday was Saturday, when really I was supposed to be at work (because it was Friday) - And how come no one said anything when I was telling everyone, on Thursday, to have a nice weekend, when really I had to come to work the next day.......FRIDAY!

Did you get that?

Ugh the woes of thinking tomorrow is today and today was yesterday....

Confused? Me too...

Happy Weekend-ing! 


  1. Haha, enjoy all the coffee drinking! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Did you maybe have too much coffee Thursday? I'm a coffee girl too. It made quitting the soda a whole lot easier.