26 May 2010

Summer Style

I don't know about all of you, but summer has come up so quickly!
Where did Spring go?! Ugh... I needed a style overhaul.

So: A few weeks ago I started a project, I dubbed
"Regain-My-Style-Sanity Project"

There were 3 phases to this project

Phase #1: Break-up with some clothes that don't work for me.
Get rid of any clothes, regardless of whether I think they are cute or not, if I haven't worn them in the past year, if they don't fit my body, or are too big.

Phase #2: Let the keepers shine!
Organize my closet and jewelry to make it easier to create outfits and accessories.

Phase #3: Create great summer outfits!
Work with the clothes I have to make them work for me and my style.

[I apologize for the quality of these photos. I self-timed most of the photos and they are less than spectacular. Kim, if you are reading this, next time would you want to take photos for me????]
Too see any of these pics up close, just click on the pictures to enlarge them!
Here is the end result of my closet.
Everyone's closet should work for them, so you can get the most out of your clothes. You work hard for your money and your clothing purchases, therefore your closet should reflect what they mean to you.

While I have been going through my clothes, I've discovered some pieces that I absolutely LOVE.
Such as a white blouse I bought for the Hubby's homecoming from his first deployment. I only wore it that one night and haven't touched it since. Simply because I didn't know how to style it.... Now that everything is organized I was able to come up with a couple looks for it.
Bragging Rights:
Dark Denim: DKNY found on super sale for $4. I had them altered to fit my body for $13. So $17 for fully tailored, super slimming jeans!

Gold Flats: Bought on sale for $3 at the BX. 

The Hubby bought the pink pearls for our first Valentine's Day as a married couple!

I purchased the second blouse last fall for $1. Yes One-freakin-dollar! But, I haven't found anything that I can wear with it... I get so frustrated, because I love the colors and the print, but the shape of the shirt makes it difficult to style. I've put together two day looks for this super casual (super cheap) blouse. 
The dark denim shorts were a splurge 2 summers ago:
Lucky Brand for $40. 
My philosophy on shorts:
Shorts are difficult for me, I rarely find shorts that fit nicely (without being hoochie) therefore I will pay full price for any shorts that I find! No.questions.asked.

In addition to the dark denim jeans that I had tailored, I also had a pair of white jeans hemmed. 
They are a great pair of white jeans that I picked up on super sale during the GAPs white denim trend a while back. Many of my girlfriends say that they shy away from white pants...
WHY?! It screams summer! 
Make sure it's 100 % cotton, breathable, and fits in the waiste, butt, and thighs. 
Here is what I've done with my white denim:
The first look, is a shirt a bought a year ago and I love the sexiness of the lace and the cut of the shirt.
Look #2 with the tiered tang top is SO flowy and breathable! It is a Harajuku-Forever21 find during a day of shopping with the girls! Thanks ladies - I'm so happy I decided to buy this!
 The green shirt is an Airman's Attic find. Cost = $0!!!! 
My third a final style collage is how to take basics and pump them up for a summer date or girl's night out! 
The shorts are a boyfriend-cut & are much more forgiving and not as short as cut-offs. 
The lighting is terrible. I'm so sorry. But I think you can get the idea. 
The black shirt was a $7 find at UNIQLO. It's a Japanese store, that can be found in SoHo. 
[Jess: You MUST check this store out! Super cute basics!]

Heels with shorts is totally acceptable. It lengthens your legs, like whoa! And it adds that touch of fancy that can take your basic outfit up a level. Add some frosting (necklace, cute earrings, belts, scarves) and it will be a great summer date look! 

Again, I apologize for the quality of these pictures. If I do this again, I'll be sure to enlist the help of a friend (cough, cough..Kim!) who may have skills in taking photos with a wicked camera!
I hope that this has inspired a few of you to see what you already have in your closets and see if you can re-style some blouses to make them work in your summer wardrobe! 

Have fun with it!


  1. KATE you should have called me & I would have taken pictures hun!!! :] I'll do it next time you do it! :] Love allllll the outfits!! WAY WAY WAY FAB!!!! Loves the shorts on you too hun! All the outfits is soooo flattering on you!! Keep it up love!

  2. You look great in every outfit. I love the grey tank you are wearing with the white pants.

  3. Um, want to come do my closet?? :) You have inspired me!

  4. Love this post!! Definitly inspired me to put outfits together! I am trying to purchase summer/warm weather clothes for my big move to Texas this summer. Any tips on consolidating my closet as a military spouse?

  5. I love this! Everything that you've done make the clothing look like a completely new outfit!