18 May 2010

Change is in the air....

Nothing particularly changing in my life directly...
But have you ever felt like you can feel change happening? 

Like the people that have left your daily life have left it vacant - and now things have to change and you can actually FEEL it?! 

And its not just me - a lot of people that I knew when I first got here are heading out. I'm not friends with them, I don't even really know them. But, I knew of them... and now their either gone or are leaving. 

It's crazy. And now those vacancies are being filled with new people. Friends or not, their new. And its weird being the one that has been in Japan the longest. It's weird being the one talking about their impending PSC in a year! A YEAR! 
The Hubby and I were discussing the changes we have seen cosmetically around base. 
Different buildings. Different streets. Different gardening. 

AND I've been living in this city long enough to notice changes in menus, restaurants, stores, and closings. 
Just the other day I noticed a new Ramen shop. It opened. And then it closed before I even had a chance to try it. Crazy I tell ya. I never imagined, when I first arrived, that I would eventually be a local. (As local as an American living in Japan can be..)

It's not better, it's not worse. It's just different. 

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