16 May 2010

Pure Bliss.

Happiness comes in many forms. 
But it definitely comes in the form of the Hubby's week off from work!
It was a last minute decision that was well received! Every so often, the Hubby's head looks like it's going to explode... so, I am very understanding when he needs to have some time for him.
A special bonus for me has been having him home when I get home from work.
Plus, it is nice to have him refreshed!!

Tomorrow we are back to a normal work week...
But, happiness also comes in the form of summer vacation, which is only 24 days away!

And it comes in the form of two little brothers traveling to Japan at the end of June.

We may even be bribing the housing office to allow us a pooch.
[We, the stupid humans we are, went to visit the pet section at our local equivalent of Lowe's (w/ a pet section!). And fell in love with a little fluffer.]
So, I said I would put in a call to housing and see what they can do. They allow cats, but not dogs in our buildings. But, my defense will be that we have a dog park at the park just down the road (3 min. walk).
Yea, I highly doubt that they will let us, but it's worth a try! 

Savor the rest of your weekend!


  1. Definitely worth a try! I don't understand apartments that allow cats but not dogs. In my opinion cats are much dirtier. I mean they use the bathroom in the house! That just makes me cringe. *So not a cat person if you couldn't tell.* Good luck convincing them! I hope you have good news the next time you blog! :)

  2. Good luck talking them into it. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you can get a pup.

  3. Good luck with the puppy situation! :)

  4. Good luck on the puppy! Glad you guys got to spend some more time together this week!