11 May 2010


I came across a group on Facebook that the Hubby and I have joined.
It's about a small community, not to far from my hometown, that is looking to honor a local hero and dedicate a small strip of [NY] State Route 13 in his name.

What is incredibly disappointing is that this has sparked some controversy with the community.
It seems that the village board has some reservations about this proposal. And unfortunately, this family has been on the receiving end of some insulting and cruel comments.

Basically, in not so many words, they are asking:
"Why is this one soldier so important?"

Which is a major disappointment!
Especially to the individual sacrifices that are made daily by these men and women. When I saw this, I choked up. And then I got angry.
I am angry that this proposal has been bogged down by misinformation and small town gossip.
I am angry that this family has to justify why their son should be honored.
I am angry that there are people that cannot muster up support for our nation's fallen heroes. 

All across the U.S. commemorative ceremonies have been made dedicating routes, buildings, parks, and playgrounds in the name of our fallen heroes. When the proposed idea came to the family, they graciously accepted to find a way to honor their son.

I know that this may not be YOUR city, YOUR state, YOUR community... but it is one of our service members who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

I give my fullest support to this group on Facebook, and I have already submitted my letter (Which is available on the Facebook Group page).

Here are some links to check out:
The Family's Statement
Sgt. Elisha R. Parker Memorial Highway [Facebook Group]
Eli's Obituary
Sgt. Eli Parker Page [They are doing some really great things, check this out!]

This was a great man. This is a great family.

Just take a little bit to learn about Eli and the Parker Family and their story.


  1. I don't understand what the big deal is? I don't mean your side, but why the other people wouldn't want to honor this soldier? I think every fallen soldier should be honored in someway. Even soldiers who have, thankfully, made it home to their loved ones. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I will make sure to check it out. I don't understand the problem either. What a shame people have to be so disrespectful.

  3. That is so wrong! I would be angry, too.

  4. Why do people always have to get their panties in a twist?!