01 November 2009

Sunday Tea.

Sundays. Some people relax. Some people clean. Some work. 
Me? Sundays, I try to find a happy balance:
On the productive end - I'll pick up the house from the week, finish off  laundry, and get some school work done. 
But, there is always this part of me that uses Sunday as a recharge for the week to come. I'll usually read a book, catch up on shows, and make my Sunday Tea

I don't know where my Sunday Tea started.
Probably watching my grandmother sip on a pot of tea all day when I was a kid. 
Or, maybe its the fact that my family uses tea for everything. If you are sick, drink tea. If you are stressed, drink tea. If you are upset, drink tea. If you are unfocused, have a cup of tea. If you are chatting, lets have some tea. If you are relaxing, put on a pot of water. So - this was instilled in me from a very young age.
Or, Or, it could be this part of my soul that should have been born in an era where Sundays were reserved for tea and lunch in the garden with sun umbrellas and a Sunday-best dress! 

Never-the-less, Sunday Tea seems natural. Sometime mid-morning I'll put some water on and wait for the whistling. 

I'll get my favorite tea cup from the cupboard, decide on what tea I want, and fill up the pink tea pot with hot water. 
I'll pick a book. Read some blogs (of course!). Watch a movie (or Ugly Betty - Love her!). 
Or just write, listen to music. And relax. 

So today, after my errands and laundry - I'm going to make my self a pot of Earl Grey and finish this book about a Middle Eastern love story during WWI. Perfection? For me, YES! 

When you find yourself on a Sunday and overwhelmed with all the things you want to finish before Monday comes, take a look. Prioritize. Get some things done. Then spend the rest of the day recharging. Get yourself prepared to tackle work, school, military, meetings, teaching, exercising, dieting, errands, and all the other busy things we fill our life with. Make yourself a cup of tea. Have your own Sunday Tea time. 



  1. I really wish I enjoyed tea, but I just don't. Not any that I've tried anyways (I'm not sure what those are). I so badly want to be one of those people that has some girlfriends over and puts on a pot of tea for everyone and it just isn't coming to me. Any kinds that you can suggest? Some starter teas maybe?

  2. I love Sundays just for that reason...the balance between getting things done for the week and actually relaxing.

    Although I do not drink tea, I drink lots of water and watch lots of football in sweats :)

  3. I think that it's great you do this! What's that books title btw? It sounds interesting.

  4. Jessica: Starter Teas? I would try any flavored ones. They have some really yummy sweet teas (apple spice, cinnamon, orange, lemon) - they tend to have a very mild taste! The Tazo tea - that is sold at Starbucks - is great! I enjoy their Christmas season tea, called Joy!

    Corkyshell: Hello! Welcome! Sundays are becoming my new favorite day - simply BECAUSE I've been committed to relaxing! You sound like you have a great routine also!

    Jennifer (aka Crazy Shenanigans): The book is called Ali & Nino, A Love Story by Kurban Said. I got it off the book swap shelf at the library (free = awesome). The copy write is from 1937. Took me a while to get through it. But, now that I'm done - I loved it!

  5. OMG YES!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE tea. You know what my new favorite one is right now? The sweet sakura tea. Have you tried? It's sooo good. Esp with some honey for sweetness. YUM! One of my favorite brands so far is Good Earth. Their sweet & spicy orig tea is YUM YUM YUMMY!!! What I like to have in the mornings though is Twinings of London's Irish Breakfast Tea. That one you have to put a bit of milk and a bit of creamer (I prefer liquid creamer) and 2 lumps of sugar.