13 June 2010


I'm not a huge fan of camping.
I'm not the type of person that can sit, sleep, and eat in dirt, sweat, smoke, and bugs.
I'm not someone that can sleep anywhere.

I'm the one that carries the wipes around camp with her.
I'm the camper that makes everyone move the picnic table into a non-smoky area of the site.
I'm that person who will request the buddy system for my trip to the bathroom.
And I promise I won't be the one to go gathering for sticks after dark.

Yes, I'm that girl.

But, I'm in love with this man.

And the Gods-honest truth is,
I'll follow him anywhere...

...even camping.


  1. Hahaha. Love it! I don't mind camping, but I'm just as girlie as you when it comes to camping. I do all of those things as well. My uncles used to give me a really hard time when we'd go camping. I remember camping in a tent one time and woke up to find the entire top (on the inside) was covered in bugs. My tent was zipped up, but somehow all those bugs got in. I FLIPPED OUT!!!! I was screaming at my sister not to move because I didn't want bugs falling on me. Well one of my aunts thought it would be funny to collapse the tent on us. I'm claustrophobic btw. So imagine the enormous freak out. I didn't go camping for a long time after that. The next time I went camping I made sure to get a camper instead of a tent. Haha. I must say, a camper is a much better way to camp than a tent any day.

  2. aww so sweet! Have fun! :)

  3. I saw you were a new follower so I had to come check you out! Hello :) You and your man are so flippin' good looking ha ha! I'm with you on the camping. Its a no go. I'm following you now and linked you up :)

  4. You're a bitter woman than I! I have put my foot down - no camping! Thankfully, SoldierMan isn't a big camper, either. His mom LOVES it and made them go camping all the time as kids...like "not at a camp ground" camping with a camper trailer and stuff but the full-blown Boy Scout take-a-shovel-with-you-to-go-number-2 camping. He hate-hate-hated it so he's never made me go. It's funny, because my dad grew up on his grandparents farm which meant a lot of animals and camping and all that type of stuff...and made sure to get a job that meant he never had to do it again! :) So I've never been a camper.

  5. We just went camping this weekend. It's not so bad. Hope you had a great time!

  6. I love to go camping! But I bring lots of baby wipes with me. My rule is you have to wipe off your feet with baby wipes before you're allowed in the tent. My husband thinks I'm crazy!

  7. Haha! Have fun camping. I'm the girl who won't even go camping.