24 June 2010

Accessorizing 101

This is part of the Style Series, which all started with some great feedback on my Summer Style
Just for fun, you can read all about my closet here.
Color. Texture. Pattern. Shine. 
 That should be your mantra when accessorizing any outfit. 

I've put together some VERY basic looks. 
I'm just using your everyday t-shirt and jeans...
I have an incredibly oversized t-shirt I bought 
dirt cheap at Forever 21. 

I chose this over my other (better fitting) t-shirts, 
because I wanted to challenge myself to make it cute. 

Here is what I came up with. 
I created an a-symetrical neckline by bunching the shirt under the brooch. 
The belt adds some structure to the shirt.
The draping necklace adds some texture and movement.

diy brooch: $2.00
thrifted necklace: $2.00
belt, f21: $5.00
hoop earrings: gifted. 

FYI: Kids are definitely accessories, especially if they are this cute!

I recently found a really great fitting black tang-top for under $5.00! 
I love the fit, the straps, the neckline...
I bought one in gray too!

Here is how I accessorized it..
I usually am not a tuck-er. 
But I am when I've worked this hard to eliminate a muffin top! 
The skinny belt adds a little contrast & the scarf is super lightweight and fabulous!
I also have some pretty earrings on..
belt, h&m: $5.00
scarf: $8.00
earrings: $4.00

The next few shots are things you can do with scarves...
I am a scarf person. 
Not everyone is. 
I'm told it's a NorthEast thing...
I don't know if that's true.
But, what is true is that ANYONE can rock a scarf...

You could wrap it around your arms for a pretty evening look. 
The back looks like this:

Or you could try one of these looks: 
Usually I'm a grab, wrap, and go scarf wearer. 

Well.. I'm sure you can tell that these are not self-timed pics..
Nope.. I upgraded!

Wanna meet my photographer??? 
Blogging Friends meet Kim. 
She is a fantastic mother of three!
Just six weeks ago she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy!!
Here she is on the other side of the lens, trying out some accessorizing:

She is really a wonderful lady. 
I can't tell you enough, thank you for taking these pictures. 
They are 100000000x better than my statuesque self-timed ones!
You are amazing.

Accessories are what make an outfit fabulous...
You don't need to by a $100 shirt to be stylish. 
Just add a bit of frosting. 

What is your favorite accessory? 
Is there one you are afraid to try?
I want to hear from you!


  1. AnonymousJune 24, 2010

    I am a shoe person. I believe any outfit is made with the perfect shoes. but if it isn't shoes, it's the casual sweater/cardigan. In the dead heat of summer, you can still find me in shorty-shorts, a tank top, and a lightweight cardigan.
    I LOVE this Kate, you are a blogging/accessorizing inspiration. Keep it up, I want to hear more! l0l


  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. I'm always looking for ways to kickstart old outfits, but everything always looks frumpy on me. I've definitely been wanting to try to scarf look, I'm so happy you touched on it. I'll have to search for some light-weight summery options here as the only ones I have are heavy-duty from when I lived in Buffalo, LOL. Thanks so much for some awesome suggestions! =]


  3. I love this series! And I never thought of wearing a scarf wrapped around your arms and tied in the back. Will definetley have to try that soon! Thanks for sharing your tips!!! =D

  4. What a great idea! Good to get some inspiration. My favorite accessorie is a pashmina scarf. I have it in all kinds of colors and as a former flight attendant I know how to tie a mean knot :-) Other wise a very chic French friend of mine, also a Navy wife, gave me the good advise to put the money in the accessories; buy brand name expensive shoes, belt, scarf, watch, and an elegant handbag. Then people will take fro granted that the rest of the outfit is exclusive as well, even if it is from Target or the Exchange.

    Greetings from Sweden!