17 June 2010

Summer-izing the Apartment

It's official...
Summer is HERE!
I'm officially on summer break. 
(from work... not my school..)
And the Japan humidity has returned. 
It is stifling... for.sure

So.. every year I go through this phase of cooling off the house. 
I put away all my tchotchkes. 
I put away all the cozy blankets. 
I give my apartment a chance to breath. 
(Which is getting increasingly harder to do in this humidity).

There is nothing better after being out enjoying summer than to come home to a "cooled" house. 
It is much more relaxing. 

Wanna see what I've been up to?? 

The warm brown, heavy quilt and dark pillows are put away. 
They are replaced with an airy-er version. 

I LOVE a white comforter. 
While my usual bedding was being washed, I jumped on the chance to cool off the bedroom. 
And it is just what we needed!

The Hubby is in love with his recliner. 
But it is a dark leather...
you can barely even see that cozy brown blanket in the first picture. 

That blanket is my favorite..
but just looking at it in this humidity makes me feel sticky. 
So I cooled off this area by adding a lighter colored throw and a white pillow. 
I  put away everything smaller than a football. 

For the dining area I tied back the curtains and cleared off the table. 
I also eliminated a chair and dropped the leaf on the back side. 
I was able to push the table back and open up the living area more. 

It is heaven! 

Does anyone else do this? 
Are there ways that you could do this? 
I wanna see pics! 
So let me know if you do a post about cooling your house. 
It could be just de-tchotchke-ing your house. 
Or maybe, if you are like me, add cooler colors.
Yesterday I did a post about HauteLook
I want you to know that I wasn't being paid to write that..
After re-reading the post it sounded like a bad advertisement...
I truly thought it was worth sharing!! 
Just in case you were wondering.... 

I'm feeling the need to celebrate the commencement of my Summer Vacation! 
Margaritas anyone? 


  1. You're right, your place looks much cooler! I don't do that at all, but sure would if I had the disposable income to buy more odds and ends! The only thing we've been doing to adjust to this Texas heat is to keep the shades and curtains drawn all day. I'm not letting any of that heat in! It's a little depressing.. I like your method much much better!

  2. Loved it!! I guess I need to make a trip to your place & see it for myself ;] I'll need your help to summerize my apartment & decorate too. I'm tired of seeing my walls bare! Thank you again for showing out to summerize the apartment. It helps that you posted pictures! :]