08 June 2010


With only a year left in Japan, I can't help but fantasize about where we will go next. The Hubby and I have a nightly ritual, we fall asleep dreaming of our first house together.
Each night we make it someplace new and different.

Sometimes I see ourselves in the mid-west with a huge yard and an older home with lots of character.
Other nights, we are overseas, exploring a new country (again!).
I've thought about seaside locations and tropical weather.
There are times that I even see us cuddling up in the frigid Alaskan winter.
[Which is weird considering I detest everything to do with snow!]

So I allow my mind to wander to far-away places and to some places that we could make the best of....

I have also been gushing over home decor and design.

I can't get enough of the galleries of people's homes that I would love to spend time in.
Which would be weird because who would want a stalker checking out their stuff?

But, never the less - I gush. I oogle. At gorgeous design.

And then I take all this inspiration and work them into my late night dreaming.
Wanna see some inspiration??
I'll pick them out of the inspiration folder that is reserved for the pictures that make my jaw drop.

I believe that home design should be an extension of who you are as a person. It should reflect your life and include pieces that express your unique personality and style.
(What does a candlestick holder, turned paper clip holder say about my style? I don't know. But it's me!)

BTW: These photos (all of them)  are credited to either Elle Design, House Beautiful, or Better Homes and Gardens. They were designed by incredible artists and interior design professionals. 
I only wish I could have an ounce of their talent.
Here we go: 
Picture Tour to Kate's Dream House 
via inspirational photos
starts now!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
I want a kitchen that you can congregate in. 
Cook dinner with friends in. 
Have a glass of wine in. 
Wander in at midnight for a snack!

I can picture myself here. 
Probably still doing homework. 
School will own my life forever....it seems.
(Minus the gingham chair. It would be replaced with a leather club chair!)

A pretty entrance. 
One that may display unique pieces from my (future) world travels.
And a chair; unique and weathered. 
I want my chair to have an untold story. 
Is that strange?

A bedroom full of color and life. 
(Minus the lime green... I sort of loathe that color)
A requirement for my bedroom is that it has to be nap-able. 
This looks like a place I could do that.

Oh! And a pretty office. 
It even has a dog bed for the dogs that are in my dreams...
FYI: It's a collie. Like Lassie. Named Frankie. 
I'm pretty convinced that Frankie will save me. 
that's what collies do right? 

Ahhh, a hallway with a great runner. 
It is a must! 
I'm not a fan of pink in the room beyond this hallway. 
But I'm in love with that ceiling art, that is hiding either an ugly light fixture or a skylight. 

So this is some of my inspiration that I think of as I lie in bed dreaming of our next adventure. 

Love it? 
Hate it? 
Wanna join in? 
Already gushing over something?? 

I want to hear about it!!!


  1. OMG Girl don't even get me started on home design. I dream of the same thing. I love the photos you chose. BEAUTIFUL!!! I don't think I could have all that white in my home though. Not with two kids and a messy husband. haha.

    I too have dreamt of the house we'd live in. I love victorian style homes or the large beach house like homes with the short fences, large gardens and wonderful landscaping, near a beach.... Best examples I can think of.... You know the movie Practical Magic? The house that the aunts live in?? LOVE THAT!! N ooohhh the bed and breakfast that's in Nights at Rodanthe, but with less sand and more gardens and trees. I love lots of bold colors and a very eclectic feel. I hate white walls so I MUST have lovely painted walls in each and every room and I love a themed room.

    Oh what I could do with the right amount of money to a home. haha

    We dream of where we want to go next as well. We've talked about going back to Missouri to settle down so the kids can see their grandparents and their aunts and uncles or staying overseas and going somewhere in Europe. We'll probably go to Europe first until I finish school and get all the student loans paid off, but we'll see what happens. :)

  2. You should check this out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Decoration_of_Houses

    Edith Wharton had a lot to say about decoration and design. It's fun to see what people a hundred years ago thought was necessary for good middle-class living.

  3. I love it! I love all of the white. I love the open floor plans. I think it's great that you'll be getting to furnish etc a whole new place! Exciting!

  4. I'm constantly daydreaming about our future house...but I can't imagine we'll ever be able to afford one! I absolutely LOVE home decorating, so this is right up my alley. I loved that the kitchen cabinets were green on the inside, and I loved the pillows on the bed.

    I also loved your last post:) I have loads of ACU's (army) in the wash, so I can totally relate!!

    I'm a new follower, just found you on the military spouse blogging community:)

  5. I do the same thing. We are a little over a year away from our next move, but I keep daydreaming about where we might go!