08 June 2010

A Military Home

What does it look like? 

Are there stacks of tan t-shirts? 
A load of ABU's in the wash? 
Pants, Tops, Socks laying around? 
Do you find small stickers in your laundry that remind you that deployment is real? 

Do you have enough blue folders to wall paper the Sistine Chapel? 
Are dress blues ready for a ceremony? 
Are there boots to trip over? 
Do you stub your toe on the steel toe? 

 Are there flags? 
On the nightstand are there dog tags waiting for an impending deployment? 

Whatever it is - take time to realize what it all meas. 
They are symbols...
of service. 
of commitment. 
of 1% of the population that protects 100% of the rest and fights 100% of the conflicts. 

[All these pictures were taken as they really are around our apartment.]


  1. great pictures, and such a sweet post! THanks for sharing :)

  2. Only a military spouse would understand the comment about the blue folders for sure! That is too funny. (And the answer is YES!, btw.)

    Great pictures and great post! I just found you via the mil spouse community at Household 6 Diva. :)

  3. That's what I miss about deployments, his PT gear in the extra bedroom, his ABUs on the dining room chair, and his hat hanging on the hat rack.

  4. Looks a lot like my house! It's funny how these are all things that can make you sad, proud, and happy all at one time!

  5. AnonymousJune 09, 2010

    Great Post! My house is decorated like that and after 11 years in my hubs has enough blue folders to decorate 2 houses. LOL! What's really funny is that I just stubbed my toe on a boot last night. hahaha! Great blog and I'm looking forward to following along! PS. Loved the pictures in the post above! :-)

  6. Jessilyn KingJune 13, 2010

    LOVE it! That is so our house! =]

  7. Great post. Love all of the pictures.