20 June 2010

Style Series.

I received a ton of e-mails and comments about my Summer Style and the MilSpouse Closet. 

Some readers had questions about how to keep style while traveling.
Others were asking about packing for trips that give you comfort and style.
And even had someone ask what I wear on date nights!

I LOVED all the feedback!
I've never thought I've had style.
I've just got a good eye for things that I can throw on that look good.  

But, it turns out some readers actually want to hear my thoughts on these things.
Which is wonderful!
And I've been trying to think about how I want to approach it...

So, without further adieu... 
Welcome to the Style Series!

This will be an indefinite-part series that address anything and everything you might want to know. 

Here are a few, to keep your eye out for: 
Accessorizing 101. 
How-To Blend Style and Comfort. 
Make Date-Night Special. 
Dressing for Military Occasions.
A Culturally Mindful Style.

Among other things. 

Please leave comments here about anything you might want to know. 

Again, this is an indefinite amount of posting, so ask away! 
I will continue this as long as you want to read it!


  1. Whoo hoo I'm all excited now. haha. I must ask you though, where do you get your white t-shirts from (the ones without designs that like the one you wore with the skirt that you dressed up and dressed down). I want to get a nice white t-shirt that doesn't go all the way up to my neck, that doesn't have designs on it, and that actually fits me well to where I can wear it alone or layered. I love the Japanese style where they wear the t-shirts with dresses. So I want to find something like that. I have tons of dresses I'd love to wear, but I feel naked in a strappy casual dress. So I thought maybe I can try the tshirt with the dress look to see if I feel a little less naked and still look chic.

  2. I'm excited about this series!

  3. perfect timing. We just attended a wedding for the first time in 13 years. Fortunately I guessed the right level of dressiness for this one but I'm attending an evening wedding in July for a family member and I'm not sure how dressy to go.