18 June 2010


Yesterday I posted about how I summer-ize my apartment.

And I showed you a picture of our bedroom all cooled off
Well, in that picture (at the very top) you can see a map hanging over our bed. 
It is a poster I found for $3.00! 
But, there are NO poster sized frames to be had on this base... 
I want a customized frame from the kind, but expensive frame makers.

No, thank-you.

So I taped it up there! 
Well - after I posted this I decided something had to be done...
So I went thrifting. 

And I found this gem: 
The person that put this puzzle together spent ALOT of time doing so!
I'm not going to lie, I felt bad ripping it off of the backing. 
So I sent out a quick thank-you to that person!

There were so many of these framed puzzles! 
I chose this one for the wooden frame 
because it had hooks on the back ready to hang. 

Silly me didn't take any measurements... 
So, I eye-balled it and thought, "this could work!"

And it did:

And so now our bedroom has a beautifully framed map 
and the total cost was $8.00!

Its funny how such a small thing, 
like a $5.00 frame, 
could really enhance a space. 

Think about that next time you want to upgrade something. 
First try something simple.

Wanna see what else I bought??? 
There are 2 things I LOVE about thrifting in Japan: 
The pottery: 

Crackled vase: $3.00

And the Kimonos:
Kimono Layer: $6.00
It has such a beautiful pattern. 
And it is in really great condition! 

When I bought it I was thinking I could use the fabric for some cute pillows! 
And it just so happens that these pillows fit right into the sleeve of the kimono! 

This summer, while I have some time, 
I'm thinking about taking this super special route to the thrift stores around the area. 
I think there are 9 of them! 

I'm looking for company, so just drop $1500 on a plane ticket, 
fly 10,000 miles and come join me! 


  1. Amanda BurdickJune 18, 2010

    I LOVE that vase in the first pic!! what a great find - you are so creative!! I love your new Kimono pillows - what an inexpensive way to take a little Japan back to the states with you!!

  2. Haha, I would love to come visit. I can never find good deals like this :).

  3. Awesome! Thats wonderful that you found these at a great price! Everything looks amazing! You are soo CRAFTY! :] Wish I had the money to drop everything & fly with you back to the states!

  4. AnonymousJune 18, 2010

    Umm... YES! I am so game! count me in, you have wonderful taste Kate, and such creativity. I would never have thought about using a kimono as a pillowcase. SO awesome!


  5. the map idea is great!

  6. Those pillows are AWESOME! :)

  7. Are you on mainland? can you still take the special route to the thrift stores in October? If so, I'm in as soon as we get there!

  8. Good work!! The picture looks so nice in your room!