07 June 2010

Creativity Un-loaded.

What happens when you have TONS of creative ideas but.....

-You will be leaving here in a year.
-You don't have tons of time to spend on projects.
-Nor do you have tons of money to decorate with.
-You are in need of a change.

Story of my life today.

I needed something to do. I could feel the creative juices flowing, but DID NOT have the energy to take on a huge project. Plus, I'm saving all my money for my brothers trip here in June...so I can't splurge on anything... except overly priced lattes made by the sweetest Japanese ladies in the world.

I made some very minor changes. 
And I don't have a before pic... who does have one of their laundry room? 
Just trust me... it was standard.

The smallest room, 
but I surprisingly spend enough time in there 
to need something pretty to look at. 
Don't you think?! 

I have a thing for pretty glass. 

These flowers are clearly fake... 
but still pretty.

And just for fun....
Here is what I wore to the market this past weekend: 
 The Siblings will be here in 21 days! 


  1. You are so DARN cute! :] Very nice on the laundry room! I miss you!! When are we going to get together?! :/

  2. I love the Wash sign and I love the flowers. Great touch!!! Wanna come to my house and help me touch up my kitchen/laundry room? haha.

  3. I love your market tote, I've always wanted one!

  4. Nice! I am having that same problem. I REALLY want to go hog-wild in Hobby Lobby now that they have all the 4th of July stuff out, but most of me feels like it's a wasted effort for a place we'll probably only be in until the end of the year.