23 June 2010

Summer Motivation

Summer has had a slow start. 
I've been entirely consumed by a Critical Thinking class, 
 which apparently does not come naturally.. 

I've been a shut-in, glued to the computer screen, reading material I forget 10 minutes later. 
To describe this class as challenging would be a vast understatement. 
I downright hated this class. 

But, I can't dwell on the suck-y-ness of this class for long considering my new class started...


Despite the Japan humidity and the disgusting rainy season that is upon us... 
I'm in good spirits!
I'm back at the gym!
On my terms! 

There once was a day when I imagined a fitness blog describing my adventures of weight loss. 
But, I sort of stink at writing about it... 
Ok, okay.... I REALLY stink at it. 
I hated forcing myself to write about fitness...

But just because I nixed the fitness blog, 
doesn't mean I gave up on the workouts...

I started a Couch to 5K challenge, 
which I revised to Computer Desk to 5K. 
Which is appropriate considering a majority of my 
studying, writing, discussions, blogging,
emailing, and of course facebooking 
happen here, in front of the computer. 

My cousin Kelley and her girlfriends all started this together 
and I have been inspired by their determination.

For anyone that is interested..
it is an application you can buy on itunes.
It is pretty fantastic! 

Has anyone tried it before? 
Do you need something to jumpstart your running? 

On another note: 

My baby brother is graduating from highschool this weekend! 
And without going into details...
this has been such an incredible challenge for him. 

So my two baby brothers will be in Japan this time next week and 
we will be on our way to a fabulous trip around the country.
We will be hitting some hot spots along the way, 
and I'll be sure to keep you posted with pics and details!

We will celebrate graduation and new beginnings. 
I'm thrilled to share a piece of my life in Japan with them! 

The Hubby and I both have homework to attend to. 
You should see us, eyes glued to the computer screens... 
quite a sight.. 

Happy Wednesday-ing!


  1. Yay for visitors! Good luck with your class.

  2. yay! Good for you!!!

  3. I am on my second round of the Couch to 5K. The first time through I did fine but really slow. This time I am trying to go faster.If you run on a treadmill make sure you put it at a 2% incline to compensate for the help you get from the belt. Its really an amazing program if you can do it and stick to it (this is from a non runner). Good luck with it!!