16 July 2010

Dressed for a Date.

Today was date day. 
I never thought I would reach this point in my marriage.
The point where we would have to schedule ahead a "date day" but, here we are...
busy, exhausted, drained...
and penciling in set times for a date!

I'm not complaining though. 
Today was wonderful. 
We went to the outlet mall where we spent time rifling through Japanese sizes to find some clothes that will fit all six foot three of my man. It took a little time, but eventually we scored some great discounts! (I love me a good clearance rack!) After some discussion, we settled on a restaurant for a little early dinner. It was his choice and is quite possibly the best burger place we have ever been to in Japan! When we got home we took an hour nap. He fell asleep to golf. I fell asleep to bad reality TV. 
And when we got up we headed to the movies for Despicable Me.

It was really nice to relax. Turn the cell phones off. 
Get away from base. And just be together. 
On another note:
A month ago I was sorting through our storage and re-discovered a clutch my Gramma gave me. 
It is fabulous, but after a quick stop at the thrift store I found a great brooch to give it a little color! 
What do you think?

The brooch is made from kimono fabric and I LOVE it. 
& it was only 60 cents!
But, the whole clutch and brooch made the Hubby cringe
He thinks it is too "old lady" for me. 

I am terribly interested to know what my readers think...
Too old lady-ish?? 
And now to the date attire. 

In bed last night I was trying to come up with a great outfit. 
And I did! 
But, it was wicked hot today, so I modified it a little.
I'm not crazy about the tang-top, but it does it's job! 

I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty impressed with the price tag on this outfit.
Under $27!! 
The skirt was the find of the year. It is Seven7 jeans brand and I found it on triple clearance!! 
It was one of those take an extra 50% off the clearance price and 25% off at the register things that make my heart flutter and my palms sweaty! For real!
And, that belt was the result of some great thrifting.
I found this one and 3 others for a dollar each! 
Crazy I know, but they are awesome! 
I can't wait to feature them this coming week!
Again, I'm not sold on the tang top with this skirt, but you would understand if you stepped outside with me...
There is a rule that pain is beauty, there isn't a rule that you must sweat to stay cute. 

I would say today's outfit scores high in the details and low in the overall execution. 
In theory, a tucked white tang top should look cute in a pencil skirt, but I suggest a closer fitting one that doesn't billow and pouf in awkward places. 

This weekend, will be a quiet one. 
I can gaurantee I'll be sleeping in and cooking on the grill. 
Lemon Italian Ice anyone?

Happy Weekending!


  1. Lovely outfit! Thanks for your comment on my blog too. I really love the clutch! It's super cute with that brooch!

  2. cute outfit! and I love how that brooch goes with the clutch!

  3. Amanda BurdickJuly 17, 2010

    Love the clutch - and def not to to old ladyish!! I think you could wear a moo-moo and still be beautiful!!

  4. Cute cute skirt! And what a great deal!