13 July 2010

Twosday (Gloomsday) in Japan

I'm down in the dumps. 
I need a vacation from the vacation I just spent with my brothers. 
I feel exhausted. run down. & grumpy. 

The universe must have felt my mood, because it was gloomy today!
Rainy. Cloudy. Gray. 

I barely managed to pull myself out of bed to write an extraordinarily boring paper on case management.

My day did have a little sunshine in the form of a caramel latte! 
The barista brightened my day today by telling me that I looked cute! 
Then proceeded to ask me if I was going anywhere special
and I took a self-examining deep breath and replied, 
"no, nowhere special." 

But, as the Hubby was taking pictures for the 30 for 30 challenge, I realized that I am in fact teaching my Japanese mothers tonight and they will enjoy the fact that I'm not dressed like a 
homeless man down by the river. 
Maybe they will stop recommending to get more sleep and eat more sashimi!
Only Kidding... 
I forgot my sandals!
They are Jessica Simpson, $10!
I am in love with my new orange jacket. 
I scored it at the Mitsui Outlet Park
Where I scared the Eddie Bauer Factory Store employee with my squeals in the dressing room as I fell in love with the jacket. 
This is a $100 jacket that I got for 90% off!! 

I think I heard them laughing as I exited the store... 
I guess it isn't everyday they see an American twirl out of the dressing room 
clutching such a fabulously priced rain jacket.
Did I mention that it is the rainy season in Japan? 
How perfect is that?! 

Any good deals in the states lately?

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  1. Hi there! New follower! I am also a milspouse, my husband is in the USAF. How do you like being stationed in Japan? We are currently in Washington, but I think it is neat to hear about life in other parts of the world. I mean who knows we may end up there someday!

  2. How fabulous!!! Love your whole ensemble!

  3. love the jacket! :] you look awesome!