29 July 2010

Surgery & Outfits

Things in Japan are pretty much the same. 
Hot & Humid. 
Today was windy and fabulous, which gives it the illusion of being cooler even when it isn't.

My world seems a little busier these days.. 
Justin has nose surgery on Friday. 
It is nothing serious, but long overdue and well deserved. 
Shouldn't everyone deserve to breath in and out without difficulty?
I think so too... 

Good news is, this surgery is a relatively easy procedure. 
This is of course coming from the doctor that whipped through the pre-op exam and talked so fast that it made me want to cover my ears just to process all the information. He seems pretty confident about the whole thing and maybe even slightly bored by this procedure. He definitely let us know (over and over) that he has done this a million times, but I couldn't help to hear slight disappointment in his voice that Justin's nose couldn't have been a more complicated case. I felt like I had to apologize for not spicing up his Ear, Nose, and Throat career in Japan. 

The bad news is, Justin will be uncomfortable for a week with the splints up his nose. Not to mention he will be breathing out of straws (or the medical equivalent) for a while..

So, I'll be a good nurse and wife, & maybe while he is all drugged up I can ask him to replace my camera so I can continue to take daily, self-timed pictures of my outfits and carry on with my self-absorbed postings about our life.. Or maybe I could convince him that a trip to Bali is totally worth the thousands of dollars we have worked so hard to save... 

Okay, I'm kidding...
I'll just take the time to rent tons of girlie-mushy-romantic-comedies and veg out on the couch with him during his recovery.... 

Also, I am going to say HELLO to my students. 
Every week at the beginning of our lesson they talk about who read my latest post, who saw my latest pictures, and what they thought of my outfits. One of my students is keeping a running tab of what I'm purchasing during this challenge. They know all the rules and they make sure I'm sticking to them! Everyone needs 8-10 Japanese Mothers making sure you don't buy anything you aren't supposed to. Oh how I love them!
But, they have informed me that they skip all the words (that are filled with vernacular phrases and improper grammar) and go straight for the pictures. 
I can't blame them.... 
But never-the-less they are here and I love that they read look at my blog! 

Also, I would like to welcome some new followers. 
YOKOSO!  Welcome!

After the canon camera crisis was over. 
I was able to recover some of the pictures from outfits 10 and 11.

First, outfit #10. 
This skirt is amazing. 
It is one of the better purchases I've made recently. 
It is easy to wear and comfortable!
I wore this to make the rounds around Fussa getting fruits, veggies, and a coffee! 

Okay, now #11..

I wore this to the library and running some errands. 
I got told at the post office that they liked my outfit, which made me smile for the rest of the day. 
The whole outfit is from h&m, which was unintentional. 
It wasn't until I was adding the text to the picture that I was like..whoa! 

Did I mention that the switched Justin's work schedule around? He is on night shift because the heat index is too high during the day. The only thing about him being on night shift, is my sleep schedule invariably switches as well considering both of us are toddlers and can't sleep without the other in bed. Hence it being 3 am in Tokyo now and I am wide awake.. 
Thank goodness it is summer vacation and I have the luxury of sleeping in tomorrow! 


  1. Your outfits are always so cute! Have fun relaxing with your hubby while he recovers.

  2. Awwww, I love the comment about renting mushy movies...I swear men secretly enjoy them :)

  3. Hope Justin have a good recovery. Love outfit #10 -- looks very comfy. #11 is so bright & cool for our summer days here in JAPAN (yuck summer heat).

  4. Those outfits are great! I hope his surgery goes well!!