21 July 2010

Enduring the Japanese Summer.

Things around here are nuts. 
I have multiple things happening in my life at one time 
and it is creating a bit of discomfort. 
All this stress. 
It is consuming.
Where is that relaxing summer I wanted?

Not to mention, this heat is really getting to me. 
Nothing some ice tea, sorbet, and frozen fruit can't cure though! 

And luckily, none of these things are getting in the way of the 30 for 30 challenge. 
Here is outfit #7.
The accessories are what really made this outfit sparkle. 
I layered 4 necklaces I had. And I realized if I were to purchase a layered necklace like this I could easily spend $20. But by trying out a few pieces I already had, I was able to get the same look for MUCH less.
Here is what I used:
The pink pearls with earrings were a gift from my Hubby. 
There is a pendant that I found at a Forever 21 sale for $2.00. 
There is a wrapped beaded necklace I bought at a craft fair in NY for $4.00.
And a strand of fake pearls that I found while thrifting for $1.00. 
Maybe you can see the feather head band in the picture above. 
It is a Forever 21 purchase for $3.00! 
And the shoes were not in my 30 for 30 selection. 
But they work well with the outfit, so I don't really mind that I cheated.
I'm realizing that I'm running out of places to take pictures in our apartment.It's not very big, so I'm going to have to venture out to get some good shots eventually. I took these in our bedroom and used the rocking chair my Gramma gave me as a prop!Usually it is used as a coat rack for the Hubby's uniform, a laundry basket for clothes that need to be folded, or as a place to set out clothes for the next day. 

It rarely gets used as a rocking chair, but yesterday I really wanted to show it off.
In the picture above you can see the shirt and scarf. That is a little surprise not part of the 30 for 30 challenge, but part of the style series that I'll continue.
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I'm off into the Japanese heat to run some errands and teach a little English. 
Can the weekend hurry up?!

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